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  • 8 EC2 Instances
  • EC2 Instance Type: m6i.2xlarge
  • Cloudwatch dashboard setup


  • 77 Services
  • 3 Okapi tasks
  • All services have 2 tasks except for: mod-data-import, mod-data-export, mod-quick-marc, mod-data-export-spring, 
  • Run ECS Comparison Tool to check memory and CPU allocations differences against past release's deployment.
  • All services do NOT have R/W split enabled
  • UI built on all 3 tenants (or at least fs09000000)


  • 2 Database nodes, one read and one write node
  • EC2 instance type: db.r6g.xlarge
  • Performance Insight is enabled on both database nodes
  • Run Vacuum on inventory-storage.instance | item | holdings-record tables


  • ECS cluster points to ptf-kafka-3
  • The Data Import topics all have 2 partitions each
  • The inventory and search topics all have 2 or 4 partition
  • There are 4 DNS entries in Route 53, each points to a different Kafka cluster broker


  • ECS cluster points to fse-ptf OpenSearch cluster
  • Inventory records (instances, authority, holdings) are indexed on Elastic Search


  • Verify DB's CPU and memory utilization are typical (using RDS' monitoring graphs)
  • Verify modules' CPU and memory utilization are typical (using Cloudwatch Dashboard)
  • Go to Inventory app, select Items tab and look at the counts of the facets on the left to see if the counts are typical (in the millions for Available and other facets)
  • Perform a quick CICO test from the interface to see if there are no issues
  • Perform a quick DI test to make sure that everything is working

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