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Team members use at least 2 IDEs: Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA. These 2 IDEs have different formatting and import organizing rules. To avoid formatting related issues in the PRs the proposal is to use agreed Formatter and Organize Imports settings.


The attached eclipse-profile.xml is based on default built-in Eclipse formatter profile with a few changes:

  1. Indentation
    • size is 2
    • tab size is 2
    • tabulation format is spaces
  2. Line length size is 132 - this allows to work with main Editor seeing entire line even with a lot of active panels (like on screenshot)

  3. The main customization is in method invocation settings (see screenshot):

    • Line wrapping policy: Wrap all elements, except first element if not necessary

    • Force split, even if line shorter than maximum line width

    • Indentation policy: Indent by one

How to use

The attached eclipse-profile.xml can be used as folling:

Organize Imports

Eclipse default settings are:

  1. Sorting order:
    • Static imports go first
    • Packages:
      • java
      • javax
      • org
      • com
  2. Number of imports needed for .*: 99
  3. Number of static imports needed for .*: 99
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