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For Supporting test plan it usefull to see the statistic of unimplemented tests and step by step adding new one. 
The purpouse of that document is to desribe steps which allows to see that statistic in generated cucumber report.

Steps to apply

First of we need to add @Undefined anotation to our empty scenarios

  Scenario: Undefined scenario one
    * print 'undefined' 

The rules is the next
- Add @Undefined anotation above scenario
- Put the only one print 'with any text'
- The text in the print may describe your scenario more detailed if you want

Example of undefined test file

Run scenario with Junit as usual test file throu runFeatureTest method
See example:

void undefinedTests() {

Jenkins Cucumber Report

See actual report:
FOLIO Reference Builds -> folio-api-tests-karate -> Cucumber reports

Currently Cucumber report threat Undefined tests as failed

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