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Changes to MARC fields that done by the system

MARC fieldMARC typeChange logicRelated featureSource of change
LDRAuthorityUpdate 00-04 position with a new record lengthUpdate MARCmod-quick-marc
001AuthorityNo HRID Generation/Assignment - Library will enter control number Import MARCsmod-source-record-manager
003AuthorityNo logic to applyImport MARCsmod-source-record-manager
005AuthoritySet current date-time Update MARCmod-quick-marc
010AuthorityAdd additional spaces to match valid LC control numberUpdate MARCmod-quick-marc
035AuthorityNo logic to applyImport MARCsmod-source-record-manager
999ffAuthorityUpdate $s with SRS UUID and Update $i with mod-inventory-storageImport MARCsmod-source-record-storage / mod-source-record-manager / mod-inventory-storage
XXXAuthorityRemove field if its content is emptyUpdate MARC mod-quick-marc

MARC Authority Validation rules in quickMARC

MARC fieldMARC typeValidation rule
  • The Leader must contain 24 characters, including null spaces
  • 06 position must have a "z" value
  • Editable: 05, 17, 18
  • No change from MARC bib validation
  • Unexpected length of the field
  • No change from MARC bib validation
  • Unexpected length of the field
  • Subfield length should be more than 3 characters
  • Cannot remove if linked to a bib record. 
  • Not repeatable
  • Required - Must have only one 1XX MARC Tag
01X - 999AuthorityOnly 2 indicators with one-character values can exist

No validation 

aaa-zzzAuthorityAlphabetical fields are restricted


  1. Lisa Robinson :  Leader 17-18 - I don't think validation is needed on Leader 17-18.  Leader 17 is always 'n' (complete) for folks outside Library of Congress. (The other possible value for Leader 17 is 'o' (incomplete) & no one wants an incomplete authority record!). For Leader 18, I'm not aware of the need to specify a punctuation policy as one does in a bib record. I'm also not aware of the need for a match between Leader 17-18 & values in the 008.

    Leader, Only positions 5, 8, 17, 18 and/or 19 can be edited in the Leader - I don't think anyone would manually edit the Leader. But, does "edit" include overlaying one authority record with another? If it does, then all positions of the Leader (and 008) need to be editable (i.e. replaceable during overlay).

    The 006 & 007 fields don't exist in MARC Authorities.

    008 subfield length more than 3 characters - All subfields in MARC Authority 008 fields are just one character long.

    01X-999, Only 2 indicators with one-character values can exist - The 2nd indicator is now undefined (& unused) for most MARC Authority fields. The main exception are the 130, 430, & 530 fields, which instead have the first indicator undefined/unused. (It's a MARC thing.) The other exception are the 7XX fields, which uses the same indicators are MARC Bibliographic format. I've never see a 7XX field in a Library of Congress authority record. I believe these fields were used by Library & Archives Canada in their French-language authority file to provide English equivalents for French names/subjects. This authority file is now part of OCLC & can be searched through WorldShare Record Manager (which my library doesn't use). See

    245 - this field does not exist in MARC Authorities.

    aaa-zzz - What are alphabetical fields?

    The one thing I think should be required in validating MARC Authority records is that Leader 6 be 'z' (which means that the record is an authority record).

  2. Hello Lisa Robinson,  I made the following updates

    • Leader and 008 rules  
    • 006, 007, 245 are noted to ensure the dev team does not apply the same MARC bib validation rules to MARC authority. 
    • Regarding 008 subfield statement are you referring to 010?
    • aaa-zzz, we do not allow a user to enter alpha characters as a MARC tag.