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UXPROD-830 eHoldings App
UXPROD-250 Tags - Basic
UXPROD-833 Codex
UXPROD-831 Notes/Comments

Q1: UXPROD-1325 Refactor: mod-kb-ebsco from Ruby to Java

Q1: UXPROD-1527 eholdings + Order Integration

Q1: UXPROD-1524 eholdings app + Agreements app integration (Q1 2019 work)

Q1: UXPROD-1525 eholdings app + License app integration

Q1: UXPROD-1526 eholdings: Support Resource Status to allow for more granular resource management

Q1: UXPROD-1301 Tags: eholdings app: Add tags to provider, package, resource, and title records

Q1: UXPROD-1528 Tags: eholdings app: ability to filter results by tags

Q1: UXPROD-1523 Codex Search App: General Search Enhancements

Q1: UXPROD-1522 eholdings: Package and Title+Package Codex Search Enhancements

Q1: UXPROD-1299 ERM/eholdings - Notes Support - Phase 1

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