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The initial scope for the Codex Search App is to prove the concept of searching across electronic and print - across knowledge bases and Inventory - and other resources.

The Codex Search app search across physical and electronic resources through a broadcast search technique. Queries are  broadcasted in parallel to X different sources, all of which are required to comply with a common contract (data models and a set of traits). This common contract is defined by:

  • Schemas
  • Traits (searchable, pageable)
  • A set of required search fields, i.e. title, contributor, publication date (year), identifiers, and publisher
  • A set of required facets, ie title, contributor, date of publication.
  • A set of required sort options 
  • Description of search behaviors and options, i.e. keyword vs. substring search, left-anchored or full-field match options, truncation/pattern options, phrase vs AND-list behaviors. 

The Codex Search app is not a separate data store, it is more like a federated search  -- so data is not "imported" into the Codex Search, but it is made available to the Codex Search from the underlying storage modules (right now that's inventory and the EBSCO knowledge base).

Areas of Focus


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