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This page is for community members and adopters to share resources that they are developing to help their libraries implement FOLIO. 

Implementers are encouraged to post links to resources here that they are comfortable with other libraries re-using. Please provide a contact name for your institution so that people can reach out if they have more questions.

General FOLIO Resources

Link / FileResource Name / Information about how it can be usedContact for more questions
Basic FOLIO Location Intro.pptxBasic FOLIO Locations Intro - this was used in a small working group that decided how Duke was going to map Aleph location data to FOLIO location data. Used in Spring 2020.
Intro to Service Points.pptxBasic Introduction to FOLIO Service Points - this was used at Duke with a Resource Access implementation team to understand what service points are and how they are intended to be used. Used in Spring 2020.
Capturing+Configurations.docWord Doc - instructions on how to use Google Developer tools to capture JSON when you are configuring FOLIO settings. Because FOLIO settings are not backed up into the LDP, it's a good idea to keep a copy of the work you are doing, unless you know that your hosting environment is doing it for you.

Metadata Management 

Link / FileResource Name / Information about how it can be usedContact for more questions
Cornell Technical Services Training Materials

Resource Management

Resource Management SIG group members share documentation and resources with each other in a Google drive, linked here:

If you have questions about a particular document, reach out to a member of the SIG or the SIG convener.

Link / FileResource Name / Information about how it can be usedContact for more questions Settings Related to Acquisitions Apps (This was created just before the release of Honeysuckle and contains references to the Honeysuckle release.) ERM: Getting Started (This was created for EBSCO libraries, so contains references to the eHoldings app, but could be easily edited locally to speak to local KB usage.) Organizations App ERM: Licenses App ERM: Agreements App ERM: eHoldings App (This is a document for FOLIO libraries using the EBSCO KB in the eHoldings app.) Orders AppMolly Driscoll or Dennis Bridges

Resource Access and User Management

Link / FileResource NameContact for more questions
FOLIO: Settings Related to Circulation Apps a Staff User in FOLIO (This was created for ERM-only libraries so does not currently reference assigning service points.) Access Services FOLIO Tutorial #1 (introductory tutorial for Cornell access services staff which covers FOLIO terminology, logging in to FOLIO, searching for patrons and items, and checking items in and out) to accompany CUL Access Services FOLIO Tutorial #1Andy Horbal Circulation: Billing a User for a Damaged ItemMolly Driscoll
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