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In the FOLIO wiki menu on the left, you'll see pages for each FOLIO app under this main page.

Product Owners and the relevant SIGs may want to decide on guidelines as to who edits these pages and what type of information is included. These pages can be edited by anyone who has a logon to the FOLIO wiki.

They are meant to be informal, community-created documentation, as well as tips and tricks that users discover when using FOLIO.

If there are significant topics in a particular app, sub-pages can be created within the app.

FOLIO Developers can also link to these pages or sub-pages from the Information buttons within FOLIO.

Here's an example:


Please consider using the following sections in your documentation:

  • Purpose
  • Areas of Focus
    • Permissions
    • UX/UI
    • Searching
    • Functional Processes
    • Reporting
    • Integrations

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