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The Item Record status field has special handling during Data Import.

Creating Item Records:

When creating item records via Data Import, only the following item statuses can be assigned:

  • Available
  • In process
  • In process (non-requestable)
  • In transit
  • Intellectual item
  • Long missing
  • Missing
  • On order
  • Order closed
  • Restricted
  • Unavailable
  • Unknown 

Updating Item Records:

When updating item records via Data Import:

  • If the existing item status is one of the above, Data Import will update the item status
  • If the existing item status is one of the below, Data Import will NOT update the item status
    • Aged to lost
    • Awaiting delivery
    • Awaiting pickup
    • Checked out
    • Claimed returned
    • Declared lost
    • Paged
  • If the item status is not updated, any other updates indicated in the item field mapping profile will be performed. Then the item record will appear in the Import log with an Error message indicating that the existing status of x could not be updated to the new status of y.

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