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Overall information

FOLIO's implementation of Open Archives Initiative  Protocol for Metadata Harvesting for harvesting bibliographic data in XML format and enriched with predefined data from holdings and item records.

Supported formats

  • MARC21

  • Dublin Core

Supported verbs

  • GetRecord –  to retrieve an individual metadata record.
  • Identify – to retrieve repository information (ex. name, version).
  • ListIdentifiers – to retrieve only records headers (identifiers).
  • ListMetadataFormats –  to retrieve the available metadata formats.
  • ListRecords –  to retrieve actual metadata records

Supported metadataParameters

  • Marc21 - for harvesting bibliographic records only
  • marc21_withholdings – for harvesting holdings and items data in addition to bibliographic records.



To work with OAI-PMH module your user must have related permission: “Settings (OAI-PMH): Display list of settings pages” and/or “Settings (OAI-PMH): Can view and edit settings”.

  • "Settings (OAI-PMH): Display list of settings pages" - user can view all oai-pmh settings, but "Save" button is disabled. User can see the message "You lack necessary permissions to edit OAI-PMH settings. Please, contact the system administrator."

  • "Settings (OAI-PMH): Can view and edit settings" - user can view all oai-pmh settings and "Save" button is enabled if field is modified.

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