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This section provides an area for configuration controls for the FOLIO tenant and individual apps. There is also an informational section describing what versions of the FOLIO architecture (server side and client side) are installed.


Permissions for the Settings app are granted for individual sections in the settings. In other words, there is no general Settings permission. Rather, if you have been granted permissions to settings for a particular app, you will see the Settings app appear in your menu, and be able to access it accordingly.


The app has a navigation menu on the left that will show settings areas that the FOLIO user has permission to access.

Clicking on an app in the menu will open relevant settings information in the middle pane. 


There is no searching functionality built into the Settings app.

Functional workflows

Settings does not have functional workflows. Individual sections are listed below.


Settings does not have in-app reporting for the app as a whole. Individual sections may support reports or provide reporting features, depending on how they were developed. 

As of 10-11-2019, no LDP reports are known to be available specifically for the settings app.


There are no external integrations with the settings app as a whole.

Individual areas of settings (linked above) may support specific integrations (like bulk patron loading.)

Considerations for Implementation

Describe decisions or implications that need to be considered when implementing this feature.

Include topics such as order of operations during implementation or affects of implementing in a certain way.

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