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This area of Settings allows libraries to set tenant level choices for Locale, Time zone, and Primary Currency (for default currency symbol to display.)

Locale defines different parameters for the user interface, generally including language, but also defining things like date format display.

Time Zone specifies the time zone the tenant should use in the GUI.

Primary Currency defines the currency symbol that displays by default.


There is one user permission that applies to this area of Settings:

  • Settings (tenant): Can edit language, localization, and currency


There are three fields:

  • Locale (for language display, date format etc.)
    • Drop-down menu 
    • Required - defaults to English - United States?
  • Time zone (time zone used when showing date time information)
    • Drop-down menu
    • Required - defaults to America/New_York?
  • Primary Currency (for currency symbol to display)
    • Drop-down menu
    • Required - defaults to US Dollar (USD)?


There is no search functionality in this area of Settings.

If that changes, please update this documentation.

Functional workflows

Describe available tasks that can be conducted in the app. To document those tasks, create a new page and link it to this page.
Describe action-based permissions that are connected to these functional workflows, if any.

There are no functional workflows in this area per se - you would simply change a drop-down and then hit Save in the top right to save your changes.

More information should be here about what effects happen in the GUI when you change these Settings - e.g., if you change time zone, does it affect anything around loan periods or things like that. That might be appropriate under Considerations for Implementation (below) or other documentation when the documentarian is hired.


There are no reports in this area of Settings (in-app or LDP).

If that changes, please update this documentation.


Associated Github module:

Considerations for Implementation

Describe decisions or implications that need to be considered when implementing this feature.

Include topics such as order of operations during implementation or affects of implementing in a certain way.

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