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Location setup is where libraries configure the four parts of the item location tree. 

They are hierarchical in relationship:

Locations is labeled as Locations but libraries may find it helpful to think of it as "Shelf Locations" in terms of a mental model. 

Locations are set at the holdings level and inherited by the item. (is this correct?)

In addition, FOLIO has concepts of permanent location, temporary location, and effective location.

Holdings and Items may have permanent and/or temporary location values.

See Effective Location Logic for more information on how Effective Locations are calculated. Circulation rules will use an item's Effective Location when applying business logic to transactions.

Considerations when developing your location tree

  1. An individual location is required to have at least one associated Service Point. That means you will likely want to create your Service Points before creating Locations.
  2. The four pieces of the location hierarchy are available criteria to use in circulation rules.


  • Settings (tenant): Can create, edit and remove locations



Functional Processes



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