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Basic Info

  • Translation is done by human translators.

  • Currently all translators must use the web tool Lokalise ( that shows the English text and a text field for the translation. Lokalise gives advice when the text contains placeholders and offers machine translations as suggestions.

  • Lokalise will automatically push updates to the /translations/ directories of linked repositories. This is a one-way process. Changes to locale files on GitHub will be overwritten by changes to locale files from Lokalise.
  • Developers committing to application repositories should add keys and values to the special locale file en.json. Lokalise will copy new pairs from en.json to all other locale files and flag those new values as needing translation. See Internationalization in The Stripes Module Developer's Guide and Stripes I18n best practices.
  • To begin work on translations for a new language or region, contact Peter Murray.

Plural syntax

To support languages with multiple plural forms there is a special syntax for plurals (ICU message syntax, see for details).

Example 1:


{count, number} {count, plural, one {record} other {records}} found

German{count, number} {count, plural, one {Datensatz} other {Datensätze}} gefunden
Polishznaleziono {count, number} {count, plural, one {rekord} few {rekordy} many {rekordów}}

Example 2:


These match profile edit will affect {amount, number} associated job {amount, plural, one {profile} other {profiles}}. Please confirm
Portuguese (Brazil)Essa edição do perfil de correspondência afetará {amount, number} trabalho associado {amount, plural, one {perfil} other {perfis}}. Por favor confirme
Spanish (Spain)

Esta edición del perfil de coincidencia afectará a {amount, number} trabajo asociado {amount, plural, one { perfil } other { perfiles }}. Por favor confirmar

Within the curly brackets { } do not translate the key words, only translate the text in the inner curly brackets after the category key words zero, one, two, few, many, other, see Unicode list of languages and category key words.

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