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Discussion items

Product Council updateDracine Hodges
  • Email about WolfCon registration was sent out by Sharon.
  • The Product Council discussed having a OLE Summer 2019 cohort. Criteria here. Contact Holly Mistlebauer if interested.
  • Update o Kickoff ERM Workshop was given by the German cohort. The workshop took place on March 21 and March 22. They plan to have a follow-up conversation on April 11.
  • They may make time in the upcoming WolfCon meeting to look at app consistency.
Folio Logo change
FOLIO Codex Usability testing - request for volunteers
email sent out Weds., 3/28
 Group & Subgroup updates 
  • FOLIO Forum representative: Laura Wright. Thanks, Laura!
  • Felix Hemme: ERM Sub Group - User Stories and Use Cases were worked out.
  • Anne-Marie reported on the Tags working group. They're trying to get user-stories to developers by April
WOLFCon meeting topics / breakout sessions suggestions
Lynn asked people who have ideas for topics to present or talk about at WOLFCon, please add them to the agenda or send an email to the group. Lynn wondered if there is a possibility to register for the first day only. Lynn will share scheduled sessions back out to the group.
Inventory app : Advanced search

 advanced search UX.

Kimie gave a quick introduction of the video linked above. The Powerpoint shown can be downloaded from the Google Drive.

  • Search Patterns
    • Pattern1: Advanced button opens a temporary small window of options.
    • Pattern2: Advance button - this is a toggle button
    • Pattern3: Auto suggestions
    • Asked for practical use cases in our workflows so they can apply these to their design.
  • Boolean Searching
    • Pattern1 (popup): When "plus" button is clicked, an overlaying window will cover currently window.
    • Pattern2: Similiar to Pattern1, but not overlay style. The "plus" button will open and expanded section below the search field.
    • Pattern3: Most flexible. When "plus" button is clicked, you will be asked to select a type of search, then search criteria will be customizable from there.
  • Sources/Filters
    • Pattern1: Clicking on "Select Sources" will open a small selection window.
    • Pattern2: This will be a combo of tree and overlay styles.
    • Pattern3:

Codex Search:
  • Filters selected will be displayed at the top. They can be removed at that locations, as well as the tree.
  • Faceting navigation


  • Kimie will look at comments on the discuss post. She asked for real use cases that she could use to apply to her design iteration. What searches do you use in your daily life that could be improved upon?
  • Dracine thanked Kimie for putting so much time into this and giving so many examples.
  • Noted by Lynn: Search modifiers will allow users to search across apps.
  • Charlotte added that Advanced Search will not be part of v.1 at all.
  • Browse searching
  • Ann-Marie would like to give this more time and attention. Can we discuss this at WolfCon? Lynn - Is there a sense that by WolfCon there will be a demo of this available? Charlotte thinks there may be a prototype demo available, but not something implemented in Alpha.

Inventory <>WeCat integration

Group met last week to talk about the diagram. Received input from Tatiana and @Cult. This is a starting discussion. They have established a small group of three POs that will meet weekly to discuss WeCat integration into FOLIO. They will present updated diagrams and use cases to us in about three weeks.

There are plans to talk about the batch importing feature, as confirmed by Ann-Marie.

Action items