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Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

Most of the meeting was used to discuss the need for someone to work with "software quality assurance. " There is a need for someone to make sure user stories are in line with software development. Funding source is unknown. A position description has been drafted.

WolfCon scheduling with discussed as well.

Lynn added that there will be MM meetings at WolfCon.

Group & Subgroup updates

AnnouncementsAnn-Marie Breaux

Ann-Marie is the PO for the MARC Batch Loader app, looking for volunteers to be on this subgroup

This piece needs to get ready for development. There is a loader built. WeCat has a batch loader. Testing needs to be done. There is a page set up: Data Import (formerly Batch Loader) Subgroup. If interested, email Lynn and Ann-Marie. People not on SIG can volunteer. Electronic and physical materials will be considered.

Part/whole monograph content in Inventory & Codex (bound withs / analytics / etc.)

Charlotte: Link to wiki page for new Working Group on Analytics and Bound with records

Sebastian spoke about the role of a package structure in inventory. Some options:

  • Instance records could represent packages in inventory. or,
  • There could be a package structure in inventory, instead of a package becoming an instance. This could be a new entity within inventory. and drill down to the paragraph on ‘Package’

 RM discussion about the integration between Acquisitions and Inventory and ERM

RM meeting notes: 2018-03-16 Meeting notes

RM meeting Recording:

  • are we clear (or at least in basic agreement) about the role of the codex and the differences between inventory or codex?

  • what exactly is the relationship between the KB(s) and ERM? is there also a relationship we need to define between KBs/ERM and inventory?
    Example of current duplicative work when a package is purchased from Laura: Sierra's ERM, Serials Solutions, MARC records from OCLC WorldShare, etc.

    Discussion about considering electronic sources along side with print resources. "ERM" should just be "RM." Several agreed.

    Ann-Marie: What is needed for acquisitions of a resource is different than what it may mean to cataloging. An acquisition may not need a cataloging records, for example. It may get "turned on" in an ERM.

    Charlotte agrees with Ann-Marie and confirmed/affirmed they are working hard on avoiding redundancies. This is a priority with Index Data.

    Dracine: Do we need a "record" or something to attach an order to? For example, gifts. How will these "different" acquisition processes need an order, bib, inventory? How much has this been thought out?

    Ann-Marie - If there is no representation in Inventory, how will we see orders that have been placed? Sebastian: Can this be up to institutions? There is no technical reason an inventory record needs to have an order record.

    Suggestion to have a "container" model in Inventory.

    Gift order tracking is important: who gave, how much the gift is worth, tax implications. "Gifts are a fundamental part of acquisitions workflow." Is "jamming" a gift into an order be replicating past models? Is there a better way to structure the acquisitions of gifts?

    Laura: Making sure the platform is flexible enough to accomodate individual library needs and solutions. Dennis Bridges agreed, there are ways this is being addressed. With more thoughts and questions, reach out to Dennis Bridges. Ann-Marie Breaux can help. Look at the Acquisitions wiki, as well as Discuss posts. Integration of Inventory with Acquisitions is being discussed now. Dennis welcomed anyone to join the RM SIG that is interested. On April 18 there will be a full "walk-through" on acquisitions in a FOLIO Forum.

  • what type of records should represent packages, and where should/could "package" records reside – inventory? ERM? KBs?

  • how might parts of packages (such as individual e-book instance records) be connected to packages?

  • how can we get away from current, redundant workflows (such as turning on packages in KBs then creating "dummy" records in the local catalog to attach orders to)?

  • Laura's wild idea: what about the possibility of a "local KB" or is that what E-Holdings is? Can order information be linked to E-Holdings?
  • From Dennis Bridges:
  • I was asked to share some of the relevant Acquisitions discussion happening on discuss with the MM-SIG. I The topics are below.

  • Please add questions, comments, responses!

Action items

  • Charlotte Whitt: add topic to the WOLFcon agenda on Representation of Analytics and Bound with records in FOLIO