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Discussion items

Product Council Update
  • 160 registrants for WOLFCon next month
  • PC spent time discussing roadmap backlog, remaining work; as well as WOLFCon conference schedule
  • PC also discussed a second attempt/better way to record FOLIO App ideas and where to record ideas; debate about if that is the main FOLIO website or the wiki space. Peter Murray will likely create an instructive video for this activity.

Inventory - representation of package entity

Filip Jakobsen (must leave the meeting 12:30 pm EST)

Niels Erik Gilvad Nielsen, Wayne Schneider

UX-design. How would it make sense to experience Packages in Inventory (multiple hierarchical structures). Presentation of misc. wireframes.

Write up user stories?

Technical design, and presentation of some possible data models



Currently in the inventory layout we have a nested list:




Option 1 - Showing Hierarchy

Option 2 - Show associated packages

Option 3 -

Laura - Do we have use cases?

Filip - Charlotte mentioned bound-withs,

Charlotte - Package is the container. It can include packages from Knowledge bases

Ann-Marie - Would this include a combined analyzed scenerios. Would a series record be an example?

Charlotte - Not leaning towards this

Laura - It's hard to give input when we don't have idea of what we'd use it for.

Filip - This is 100% determined by how we are going to using it.

Duke - For bound-withs it would have to be flexible. Option 1.


Wayne and Charlotte (Slides)

  • Inventory Metadata Elements
    • instance
    • holdings
    • items
    • package (new)
  • We have to model how we a managing eresources in inventory.
  • Definition: Package represents a container of either Instances and/or Holdings.
  • Usecases: represents all sorts of groups, including commercial package from a vendor will be represented in the Codex as a Package object of a particular type.
  • Model shown:

  • Laura - would we ever have a package that does not contain instances?
    • Jacquie - if nothing is in it, then there is no need for a package.
    • Niels Erik Gilvad Nielsen - Package needs to support a bound-with structure. That is the reason for the link between package and item/holding.
    • Ann-Marie - An order
    • Christie - This item on this instance is on this package
    • We will make giving feedback to Filip a priority. We need to know conceptually how we will use packages.


A way to use package entity to represent bound-withs

Ann-Marie - Would a package go directly to an item?

Laura suggested continuing this next week.

Charlotte - Suggested starting a spreadsheet with different usecase examples and map to the models above. And mark which would work.

Draft Package Use Cases here (please change as needed and add use cases, especially any that seem problematic):

Group & Subgroup updates

Resource/Format working group (joint MM and RA SIG working group) - meeting on 4/23

Representation of analytics and bound with records in Inventory subgroup - meeting on 4/19

~140 attendees at yesterday's Forum (Acquisitions)

Tags update


Christie Thomas

  • Terminology - Tags are brief labels. Notes vs. tags: If a sentence is needed, the note field being developed is a better place.
  • Use cases
  • Not good cases - Codes vs. tags: codes that drive specific functionality. Tags should not be applied to something that is driving a functionality.Tags are for human reading, querying.
  • This will be a stand alone App. It will appear in a sidebar
  • Phase1 - assign a tag to a "record" - Permissions = "View-only; assign new tag; create new tag" Jacquie - curious about language limitations. Christie will take back to the subgroup and share.
  • Conventions - no spaces allowed, lowercase only, default display will be alphabetical order
  • In central admin can filter by tag and record type.
  • Next Steps

Inventory - evaluate MARC mapping

Will post the question on Slack #metadata-mangement:

Access MARC records in order to examine the MARC conversion to the Codex format used in Inventory. Display bibliographic records stored in the MARC storage as json files - would this work?

Inventory - Instance/Holdings/Item UX

May move to next week's agenda:

Kimie will present refined UX-design of the detailed view page of:

* Instance records
* Holdings records
* Item records
And the editing forms for all tree record types

We'll discuss order of the data, naming of the three sections etc.

Action items

  • Discuss packages
  • Kimie will present refined UX-design of the detailed view page as describe above.