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Discussion items

Product Council Update
  • WolfCon Planning took place.
  • EBSCO innovation grant announced two winners
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Lehigh University
    • University of Alabama

Material type examples still needed:

Aim is to use this list to come up with one exemplar list of item types or material types. Please contribute to the spreadsheet.

Group & Subgroup updates
  • Inventory & MARCcat meeting update (Lynn & others)

  • Analytics & Bound-withs meeting update - Wayne Schneider gave an update. The group met this week. They looked at a data model that imagines instances and items have hierarchical relationships with one another. They will meet again next week and look at examples from other libraries and see how their examples hold up against a data model. Laura asked if the package record was being considered for these materials. Wayne stated that the consensus of the group was that the package model was not useful for these particular use cases. Lynn asked how does this impact data modelling and the UX. Wayne agreed it would have significant UX implications, but not technically complicated. The group is close to asking Filip to come to the meeting again.

Inventory - Instance/Holdings/Item UX


Kimie will present refined UX-design of the detailed view page of:

* Instance records
* Holdings records
* Item records
And the editing forms for all three record types

We'll discuss order of the data, naming of the three sections etc.


Reorder of Holdings data (incl. some of the identified 'missing' elements):

Reorder of Items data (Incl. identified 'missing' elements, and loan info):

Instance record detail page
Holdings record detail page
Item record detail page


Three designs will be shown.

  1. Instance data display
    >The data will show in right hand pane
    >The sections include
    1. Title data - Includes folio id, metadata source, difference identifiers
    2. Descriptive data - Publisher information is grouped. Unsure of what data will go in "Label" section(?) They would like feedback.
    3. Content data - Includes series statement, subject headings, classification information
    4. Holdings display - Includes Item status, Item barcode

      If something doesn't make sense to group together

  2. Holdings data display
    1. Updated time
    2. Groups:
      1. IDs
      2. Location
      3. Notes

  3. Item data display


  • Request for detailed notes at the item level, just like shown in the holdings record
  • Ann-Marie said there is a "notes helper" app being built into FOLIO, similar to the tags app, but for notes
  • Request for 'human readable' instance id.
  • Tiziana stated that the ability to qualify a note with a controlled category is very important.
  • Group agreed notes available at the holdings level as well as item level are of equal importance/interest. Kimie confirmed notes are available at the item level.
  • Ann-Marie agreed, and proposed having a single notes field, but with a controlled vocab of qualifiers.
  • Lynn will bring Charlotte in on the conversation.
  • Christie said that data migration should be considered when talking about notes and these fields. She asked for feedback from group and invited everyone to attend the data migration session at WolfCon.
  • Reorder of Items data (Incl. identified 'missing' elements, and loan info):

  • Privacy concerns about having the Borrower's name included on the item screen were expressed.


In Chat:

From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:15 PM
Note: I was playing with the test database version at A&M, and added items with enum/chron to the serial record. enum/chron fields are not showing in the holdings display under the instance display -- so for a multipart item it's not possible to tell which item is for which piece wihtout opening each item. Or has that been fixed already? ;-)
From Duke - Dracine, Dennis, Jacquie to Everyone: 12:20 PM
This is Jacquie: I think that the system control number and control number labels need to be altered. Those are not the internal control numbers, but the labels are not as clear as they could be. The system control number, for example, would be clearer if 'external' was used.
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:21 PM
Another backburner question: For the Publisher fields in the descriptive data, how is this going to work when there are multiple 264 fields?
From Laura Wright to Everyone: 12:21 PM
especially multiple 264s with multiple roles (e.g., distributor, publisher, printer, etc.)
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 12:23 PM
All good points above. Keep in mind that if the FOLIO instance is linked to a MARC record underneath, you would be editing in the MARC record via the MARCcat app, not using the Instance editing feature. The instance editing would only be for instances that are not linked to underlying MARC records.
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:23 PM
So: If I pull up a record in the Instance, and add someting via this edit, will it go back to the MARC record? (I would guess not, bt asking).
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 12:24 PM
If you start to edit, and there's a MARC record, you would actually be editing in MARCcat
From Laura Wright to Everyone: 12:25 PM
for identification purposes, though (I'm thinking of special collections, for example), multiple 26x fields might be important
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:25 PM
we are defining a master-slave system between Inventiry and MARccat for Marc data, so, it's exact what Ann-Marie said: the 'master' for Marc is MARCcat
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 12:26 PM
Editing of holdings and items data will happen in Inventory though, *not* in MARCcat
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:28 PM
(I didn't understand if the link to the test that Kimie is showing is public... Can I ask to send it, please? Thanks!)
From Me to Everyone: 12:30 PM
Is MARCcat "WeCat" but in FOLIO?
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:30 PM
Yes exactly
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:30 PM
Notes in the Holdings: Some of the Rare Books Notes can be paragraph long. Is having three of them in a row the best option?
From Me to Everyone: 12:30 PM
Thank you
From Duke - Dracine, Dennis, Jacquie to Everyone: 12:31 PM
We shouldn't be able to see who borrowed the item, though. Perhaps borrower type?
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 12:31 PM
Tiziana: do you mean a link to these wireframes? I think it's public, but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone can add in the notes, if it's not there.
From Duke - Dracine, Dennis, Jacquie to Everyone: 12:32 PM
borrower shouldn't be shown in the Inventory app, elsewhere is appprpropriate.
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:32 PM
Yes, I mean this, just to test something more in details. Thanks!
From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 12:33 PM
And post-v1, besides MARCcat, we'll hopefully have even more cataloging apps hooked to FOLIO, like DublinCat, EADcat. BIBFRAMEcat, [localformat]cat, etc.
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:36 PM
I think you need notes at both levels. Some notes for the whole set and those belong in the Holdgins. Item specific notes go on the item or the holdings line for that item. Would it save real estate on the page if notes were just notes with a check box if you want it public or not?
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:43 PM
Tiziana is correct -- if all notes are only in one field (unqualified) it's really difficult to do extracts or reports (currently Access searches) because it's a dump spot/blob with a lot of everything.
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:44 PM
Yes Lisa, this is exactly one of the scope to qualify the holding/item notes
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:44 PM
From Lisa TAMU to Everyone: 12:50 PM
Want to go to the mapping, but think it was at the same time as the MMG sig talking about set records. I could be mistaken...
From tizianap to Everyone: 12:52 PM
sorry for leaving before the end. Thanks for interesting meeting and see you soon

Continuation of Packages discussion (time permitting)

Inventory model for packages: Representation of analytics and bound with records in Inventory

Action items