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Discussion items

Product Council Update

WolfCon was recapped. They spoke about gap analysis and priorities. Part of the gap analysis work will be given to the Early Implementers group. This is a high level functional gap analysis. MM SIG is focused on data gap analysis vs. functional analysis. They talked about the formation of a Technical Council. There is a group that is drafting a proposed charter that will be presented to the Product Council next month. How would they handle the GDP requirements surrounding data. That is an area that would fall under the purview of this new Technical Council.

A working meeting was discussed as a possible need for the future.

EBSCO has agreed to fund a quality assurance for FOLIO.

 Subgroup updates 
WolfCon followup list

Instance UX design continued discussion will held on Tues May 22 and the Holdings and Items UX design session on Thurs May 24.

Discussion of a package record. Laura is working on establishing a working definition for what a package means to MM. Ann-Marie suggested including the Acquisitions group in this discussion. Lynn also noted the need to distinguish this idea from a concept that is similar with Bound-withs and Analytics.

We need a good working definition for "Inventory." Laura and Lynn worked up a draft definition. They will work on a data dictionary. Charlotte suggested making using documents in place already with some of this information.

Data Migration sub-group Gap Analysis of the Inventory Instance, Holdings, and Items data model:

Jacquie asked if a data dictionary and glossary are both needed? How are we defining "data dictionary" itself? Ann-Marie said the ERM group discussed a similar issue with ambiguity in terms. Dracine recommended the scope be focused around FOLIO specific terminology.

Dracine said the data dictionary is for subject matter experts as well as developers. She has noted a large disparity from each SIG's definition. Dracine said there is an existing glossary, but there is a need to document the MM SIG's definition of various terms. Dracine will include a link to the existing glossary. FOLIO Glossary:

FOLIO Inventory what it is & what it isn't

  • Christie advocated for the inclusion of eholdings in inventory. Are electronic holdings in the scope of Inventory. Jacquie said electronic resources need to be represented in the inventory at Duke. Chicago does not represen

  • Lisa from TAMU (via chat) -

    "Sometimes I'm confused on how we use the term 'e-holdings'. Could you define that? We will have e-holdings (in a manner of speaking) in the inventory just because we have MARC records for those titles. So in that sense there will be representation. But I feel you all are referring to something else, such as indication that an institution owns an e-resource with the information coming from the vendor or sfx or something else besides the MARC records.

  • Laura (via chat) -

    "There is an e-Holdings app being developed

  • Charlotte - Would it make sense too open the scope of the Package group to include a discussion of eHoldings?

  • Ann-Marie - There are considerations that need to be made for eholdings, such as location.

  • Christie - Chicago will loose a lot of functionality if they do not have an eholdings record to migrate their current data to. Jacquie expressed concerned that eholdings must reflect location for Duke's purposes.

  • Lynn asked whether or not the current definition of holdings is broad enough to include electronic resources? Many of the group agreed that holdings "may" include print and electronic holdings.

  • Dracine wondered why the data is living in multiple places. She expressed concerned about the ability of a system to sync the data efficiently.

  • From Slack concerned having multiple data stores:

    Lisa McColl to Wayne Schneider: "I keep wondering if it is possible to have one store that will then feed the necessary info to where it needs to go. I have an image in my head of a projector shining the appropriate parts of the image of the MARC record forward where and when needed, but the actual data residing always in one place. Maybe the idea is an old one - similar to a database driven web page. That must be not doable here, or I assume we would be doing that. Any thoughts?"

    Wayne's Response: "What you are describing is, I think, in part the original vision of the Codex. One place where it has become challenging is that we have asked Inventory to also act as a discovery layer, supported by a great deal of descriptive metadata (indeed, more descriptive metadata than the Codex data model), which needs to be stored and maintained in inventory storage...similarly, MARCCat has its own data store -- it doesn't operate on MARC records as MARC, but rather as data in tables in its own storage.

    In the FOLIO architecture, each module is expected to be able to operate in its own area of concern, independent of implementation decisions such as storage. That makes things like "joining" as in a traditional relational database challenging."

  • Charlotte - We need to make sure the Inventory can provide other apps with the necessary data. Lynn gave an example that circ data is not needed in the item record. It does not belong in the Inventory. There may be info displayed in an Inventory record vs. what is stored in an Inventory Record. Ann-Marie suggested making this idea explicit in the item record definition that is being drafted. Lynn suggested setting boundaries for what is contained in the the inventory data element set. Ann-Marie added that price could be an example of excess info in an item info that does not to live in the item record, but displayed in the record.

  • Lynn would like to get this document to the Product Council as soon as possible.

Recommendations for Inventory developers

create Data elements for Resource & Format in Instance record (source-value pairs; rdacontent & rdacarrier values for now)

create Material Type data element in Item record

Discussion: should Holdings records also have Material Type value
Conversation started at WolfCon with RA SIG members
Folio Forum June 13(?) : Codex and Inventory searchLaura Wright

Need volunteers to present, suggestions for catchy title

Laura expressed the need for a clear understanding and consensus as to what constitutes the Codex and Inventory. Laura wondered if it would be better to have a presentation on just the Inventory. Dracine suggested a WolfCon debrief.

Action items