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  • Finish Inventory definition & scope

Discussion items

Product Council update

The Product Council had a discussion about the members and types of early implementer's group:

  • Early implementers self hosting: Texas A&M, Cornell, University of Chicago, Lehigh University
  • Early implementers, EBSCO hosted: University of Alabama, Chalmers, The Five Colleges consortia

They also discussed the need for a PO for the Developer's SIG.

Governance and membership for Product Council was discussed. They are going to vote for the Co-Chair of the Product Council

They spoke about ideas for FOLIO forums to be held. WolfCon recaps, and resource apps develops.

Laura Wright said the decision to not hold a forum on the difference between Inventory and Codex was well-received. Laura is hoping the definition of Inventory will move through the SIGs and get some consensus.

There was discussion of having a separate FOLIO and OLE report, which are currently condensed and written by Holly Mistlebauer.

  • Subgroup updates

Batch Loader Working Group: Twice a week meetings have begun. The group is currently working on going through use cases.

Laura said she is still hoping to find members for the "Package" working group.

Wolfcon followup continuedLaura Wright

Folio inventory - what it is & what it isn't

Laura suggested that if the Inventory Package record is defined, then a name may come forth from that. Laura said there are a lot of use cases for the Inventory Package that are not electronic. For the purpose of the document we will use the term "Local Package" for the time being.

Charlotte would like a similar draft to be drawn up for the Codex. Charlotte has some text that she could contribute to Lynn. Charlotte will start the document and share it. Dracine will take this draft to one of the Product Council groups as advised by Sharon.

Inventory UX/UI

Instance record display
Holdings record display
Item record display - RA SIG requests/recommendations/needs

The group looked at Kimie's latest designs for the Instance, Holdings, and Item UX.


Administrative Section

  • View source record has been move to the top.
  • Does the FOLIO ID data need to be displayed? The "human readable" id will do the work of matching that we need in cataloging.
  • A list of instance statuses is available. "Inventory Instance Status Examples"
  • Should there be links up high in the record to move from the inventory module to other modules? Jacquie wondered if there is space to have the links available in the top and bottom of the record. Can we move it up to the header bar? How can we accomplish the easiest access to the links?

Title Data Section

  • All variations of titles will be included here.
  • Jacquie pointed out the potential importance of keeping title/authors together, particular in the case of 6xx and 7xx fields. Laura asked for examples to give to Kimie.
  • Importance of searching by variations of ISSNs ($a,$l,$y.$z) was noted. Should "canceled" or "invalid" or "alternate" ISBNs or ISSNs be labeled as such?
  • Importance of $q was noted.
  • Charlotte suggested that Wayne be invited to the MARC mapping session.


Includes type of name, name, and role

Descriptive Data Section

  • Content and carrier types are shown, but media will not be shown since carrier is a subset of media.

Please contribute to the designated Discuss post to offer further feedback about the UX design.

Next week:

  • Talk about Inventory Definition
  • Holdings/Item UX
  • Codex Definition

Action items