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Goal: Kick off meeting

Discussion items




Welcome to the group 


Wikipage: (MARCcat Subgroup) - short presentation by everyone
Misc. house keeping 

There will be one weekly meeting by now, maybe later we’d need to do bi-weekly meetings. Tiziana Possemato will send out Doodle poll, and schedule meetings. Lisa McColl volunteered as note taker.

For future meetings, notes will be recorded during the meeting, subgroup members are asked help Lisa by making additions, etc to the notes document.

All the meeting notifications like agenda etc. will be sent out on Slack #marccat-subgroup.


Planning of the work

  • next meeting: demo of WeCat by Annalisa Di Sabato,
  • following meetings: do focused demo of a specific solutions/topics

At the beginning of each meeting @Cult will present a 10 minute demo from WeCat of the existing function which we want to port to FOLIO. Based on the demo we’ll discuss the feature, and workflow, to bring input to David García Sánchez, so he can work on that function. At each meeting David will present UX sketches of the functionality we have been talking about the meeting before, for review and feedback from the group.

Tiziana Possemato will share a list of the existing WeCat functions or tasks (that they are planning to port to MarcCat) which we’ll go over at the coming meetings ; she’ll indicate what functionality has the highest priority, and also add screenshots of those functions.

Tiziana Possemato explained that the Olisuite is based on Amicus Software, developed in Canada for the North American marked. WeCat’s core format is MARC21. OliSuite is used by the Casalini Libri Project. The WeCat module was original created in English, and already works to solve all the requirements for Europe and USA.

Define scopeall

MARCcat Subgroup: Scope: the MARCcat-subgroup works together with the Product Owner and developers at @Cult to review, prepare and share progress on development on porting the WeCat module into FOLIO MARCcat app with the MM-SIG and the broader community. The WeCat is the native cataloguing module of the Olisuite ILS (by @Cult), and the group will discuss the porting of each features and their transformation into FOLIO. The subgroup will discuss all new features (if it's necessary to simplify or add new things), the workflows, the names, the filters, APIs and other services necessary to assure data synchronization processes between MARCcat and other FOLIO Apps (such as Inventory, Acquisition, Batch loading, Authority Control etc.) making a user-friendly porting who solves the entire CRUD flow for MARC records the best possible way.

In this subgroup we will review the functions and the user interface, and prepare presentations for the big group of MM-SIG, and we will share all the progress with the FOLIO community e.g. on Discuss, for everyone to give us feedback.

Feedback the group can provide:

  • look at existing WeCat functionality: does it meet requirements for FOLIO; is there additional functionality needed
  • look at labeling of fields & elements for comprehensibility
  • provide input on UX design of FOLIO MARCCat
Discuss documentation, Italian translation etc.all

Action items



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