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Recording is available on: 

Link to the zoom-meeting:

Goal: WeCat demo - Searching functions

Discussion items




WeCat demo live

Screenshots of functions were added to Attachments in this wiki.

Scan function allows the user to browse the index.

Managing user views can be done using the drop-down menu at the top right corner. There are up to 16 available for configuration. One can be set as a default. User accounts determine which view is seen by the user. This allows for some modifications in a local view, but changes do not affect the master record.

Primary Indexes (Title, Name, Subject, etc.) are the most used indexes. Within these there can be an additional subdivision using the Secondary Index.

Boolean searches can be performed in the Search field.

Search Results:

  • Show title, name, date, edition, series title, volume.
  • This list can be sorted.
  • Breadcrumbs display at the top
  • This Search Results table format is configurable.
  • The results list can be sent then to the discovery layer, so it is updated in real time.
  • You can also select to send to a triple store for linked data projects.

Secondary Index

  • Combines with the Primary index to help refine a search.
  • At times a third index may show to narrow a search even further:


  • The primary index can be browsed.
  • The browse results are configurable.
  • The browse results can be linked to bibliographic records and authority records, when appropriate.
  • A change to the authority record will update the instance of that heading in all of the associate bibliographic records.

Searching (contin...)

  1. Z39.50 is available
  2. Queries can be saved for reuse. This is especially helpful when a query is complex.

There is a "Collection" function in MARCCat that is used for purposes similar to what the MM group of FOLIO is discussing including a "Package" function for.

There are many additional functions, some that may not be needed in FOLIO:

  • Circulation
  • Acquisitions
  • ILL
  • Item information
  • Holdings information (question)

Charlotte asked if we could have a trial version of WeCat available to the group. Tiziana will make available a test installation.


Laura asked for clarification on the user views feature. (The details are now included in the notes above)

Lisa asked if results lists can be exported into a .csv file. They cannot right now. This could be covered by their Reports function, however.


Planning of the work

  • next meeting: demo of a specific WeCat feature: the Headings management in WeCat module by Tiziana Possemato
  • discussion about presented features and UI.

Action items



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  1. Slack is not working, can anybody send me the link of the meeting here please?

    1. Anche a me non funziona David, ho provato a scrivere diverse volte, ma non mi invia messaggi!

  2. Hi David and Christian. I have added the zoom link on the top of this page

    Slack wasn't working for me neither.