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Attendees - please put an "x" next to your name in the table below


Discussion items

Product Council update

No updates were given.

Subgroup updates
  • Acquisitions: Folio Vendors app live & Acquisitions values: - Members can add vendors/edit.
  • MARCCat subgroup met on Monday. The meetings will begin to focus more on what the FOLIO solution will look like, and have less demo time.

Related instances in instance detail display

See the notes here:

Filips iteration 1 of the inventory app:

Felix Hemme demonstrated the first iteration of the inventory app.

  • Title data includes related title information, succeeding title, proceeding title. If we have our own according for the title, then the predecessor and successor could be visualized.
  • The group liked this idea. Another type of relationship that was brought up is a print to e version.
  • Felix wondered where a link to a related title like this would lead - to the Knowledge Base, to another record in the Inventory, or to the Codex? (Laura) - What is the scope of inventory and what is the cope of codex? Lynn's said in the initial phase of FOLIO Inventory should only include what we own. (Christie) How are we going to identify related titles in the search results? How are we defining that? How does the system know? (Charlotte) - right now a search on title will pull in alternative and related title. (Christie) - One of the services Chicago is working on for their discovery layer is to link print and e resources. However, the data is available in the records.
  • Needed: Overview of what "related instances" are. A document with all possibilities is needed.
  • A related title is a subset of a related instance. It is a type of related instance. A related instance could be an earlier title. A related title could be a different format of the same work.
  • Lynn suggested that the label in FOLIO be generated dynamically, based on indicators and MARC subfields.
  • Laura will add a sheet on existing Metadata Elements and MARC mapping.

Gap Analysis subgroup meeting update & process

Christie asked group members to review this sheet and make sure that if there is a critical gap for an institution that it gets noted as soon as possible. Please get comments in by the end of next week.

FOLIO terminology documentCharlotte Whitt

Please look at this document and comment. To contribute, put comments into the appropriate term.

The Resource Management Group, Inventory, EHoldings, and other groups will be meeting to discuss how ERM/EHoldings/Inventory will connect and interact. The agenda can be found here: 2018-07-06 Joint RM/Inventory/ERM Meeting.

Attendee list

xAlice Krim

Ann-Marie Breaux
xCharlotte Whitt
xChristie Thomas

Damian Biagi

Dennis Christman

Dracine Hodges
xFelix Hemme

Filip Jakobsen
XJacquie Samples

Jason Kovari

Jessica Janecki
xKimie Ou Yang
xLaura Wright

Lisa Furubotten
xLisa McColl

Lisa Sjögren
xLynn Whittenberger

Mary Alexander

Natascha Owens

Niels Erik Nielsen

Patty Wanninger

Sarah Schmidt

Tiziana Possemato

Action items