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Recording is available on: 

Link to the zoom-meeting: 

Goal: WeCat demo - Headings additional functions

Discussion items




WeCat demo live and discussion

Brief demo of MARCcat features (already seen in the last Sprint Review 40-41).

Header management in bibliographic record

Discussion on UI feautures


Proposed UI, presented by David G. Sanchez

  • MARCCat will be storing authority records locally. MARCCat comes with an "authority system" where bibliographic data and authority data are integrated.
  • MARC Holdings will also be accessible in MARCCat.
  • The group agreed that the design is very good.
  • Charlotte asked how the "Diacritic" function will work:

    This link leads to a diacritic table that lists all diacritic characters that can be included.
  • Charlotte confirmed that FOLIO is planning on using Unicode characters, not MARC8.
  • Templates - Is there a standard established already for templates? David will talk to Filip. While templates have unique properties in MARCCat, there are some constants that can apply visually across FOLIO.

WeCat Demo

  • Tiziana showed a "cataloging worksheet", which is a start point in WeCat to create a new bibliographic record.
  • Features not part of MARC21:
    • "Verification level" - A user can assign a level that reflects the completeness of a record.
    • National content check
    • Series/Sequel - Create a hierarchy between records without traditional MARC tags.

      Ann-Marie Breaux (in chat) - "Seems like this has some relationship to the packages discussion that has been going on, plus the Inventory "related records" discussion from last MM SIG. If related via non-MARC data in MARCcat, would that translate into related records in Inventory?"

      Jacquie (in chat) - "I wouldn't want the Inventory to updated with a new record "automatically" based on a related WEM being indicated in MARC. Because we may not own the related WEM. But suggesting such could be interesting."

      Index Date (in chat) - Regarding the Related titles, please see the MARC mapping spread sheet, column B

      Ann-Marie (in chat) - Except Tiziana said you could create the relationships in MARCcat without using the MARC tags, so might Inventory need to take those MARCcat links into account, in addition to the MARC fields documented in the spreadsheet?

      Jacquie (in chat) - Probably. But, I think the new Inventory record should be suggested to the cataloger based on those data. In case the related resources are not yet owned/ordered/recieved.

      Ann-Marie (in chat) - Yes, will need to think through the idea of linking 2 existing records in MARCcat (and would you have a record in MARCcat that's not in Inventory?) vs linking a MARCcat record to an external related MARC record

    • Nature level

    • M/C

  • Fixed Fields
    • Charlotte asked about inclusion of RDA fields in the controlled vocabulary offered by WeCat/MARCCat. Tiziana demonstrated that RDA terms are available in WeCat, and will be in MARCCat.



Planning of the work

  • next meeting: Cataloguing workflow: heading tags (Control numbers, Classifications, Subjects, Name, Titles, Name/Titles) (the heading-tags were already discussed in a previous meeting, when we handled the headings in WeCat).
  • discussion about presented features and UI.

Action items

      •  Tiziana Possemato/Annalisa Di Sabato: send out the document to configure WeCat accesses for each person in MARCcat subgroup.
      • @Cult will make available a WeCat test installation to make possible some concrete tests. 
      • Post question on the wikis. 


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