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Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

Subgroup updates

"Inventory Package Record' = Container conversation at ERM subgroupLaura Wright

list of elements in Notes document:

Laura updated the group on a review of the elements of the currently named, "inventory package" record. Feels we have enough information about Inventory Packages to go forward for now. Charlotte said that Kimmie and she are working on how to present these types of records.


Recording is available on:

Some concern about creating catalog records in MARCcat: seems to be a cumbersome process; each element being treated as a "heading"; lots of drop down menus that seemed very impractical. Please watch this recording to be able to give feedback on the interface and also to understand what Use Cases would be valuable to add.

(We'll be providing Tiziana common cataloging use cases & workflows MARCcat Subgroup: Use cases; we'll also invite her to a future MM-SIG meeting 8/2 or 8/9)

Location Code Hierarchy

Discuss post describing a proposal to support the auto-generation of Location code and Location display name: 

Cate will provide a short overview/intro , and then there will be time for discussion / q&a

  • Demoed from folio-snapshot-stable instance of FOLIO. Cat first showed settings/organization/locations and how institutions, campuses, libraries, and locations are added.
  • Ability to filter locations are usability enhancements that are being worked on.
  • A Code that represents a single location, based on all of the location components, is required.

  • Virtual locations are possible. Locations are required at the holdings and item levels.

  • Proposal allows user to string component codes together in order to auto-generate a location hierarchy code.

  • Suggestion: Allow FOLIO to auto-populate the code as a suggestion, but then allow the institution to edit those FOLIO generated code if locally desired.
  • It may not be worth the development time since libraries will probably end up using their own codes, and it will only need to be done once.

'View source record' - button on Instance detail pageCharlotte Whitt

Presentation of UX work by Kimie Kester on, how the linking to the Generic bib storage should look like.
* The MARC source record is accessed by clicking on the button 'View source record' in the detailed view of the Instance record
* The display of the source record in the Bib storage would be like:
* The source record is read-only and the data displayed will depend on the record.

Suggestion: Add "View Source / Edit Source button to MARC Holdings record as well.

"Primary contributor" in Inventory search/sort & displayPostponed to 8/2
Ordering of Holdings and Item in UX and persistence of orderingPostponed to 8/2 or 8/9 meeting

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xChristie Thomas

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xDennis Christman

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Felix Hemme

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xJessica Janecki

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Lisa Furubotten
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xMary AlexanderUniv.of Ala.

xNatascha Owens

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Patty Wanninger
xSarah Schmidt

Tiziana Possemato

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