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Saving Changes in WeCat

Example: Edit Leader

Starting Screen:

  • Actions in example:
    • Note record number 127701
    • Click on Leader
    • Make changes
    • Click save
    • Change other tags as needed.
    • Can call up indexed headings to populate the record.
    • (Laura): In our current systems, titles are not treated as headings, and we would not like to have to treat them as such. Is this possible? Tiziana: If we do not want to treat the 245 as headings, that can be changed in MARCCat. In WeCat, the default is to treat the title proper as a heading. (Laura): When we get back to the larger group, we need to discuss what fields should be treated as headings, and what should not. (Jacquie): We may need local control over this at an institution level. (Tiziana): This should probably be configurable locally, yes.
    • By default the 245$c is not part of the heading. Only the 245$a
    • Save Record is on left hand menu. However in this installation, the record is not displaying. It is still included in the index. The record was created. Advanced search an 127701, the record can be found.
    • In case you do not see the record, not the ID. Use an as the index, then type the ID, so then you can see if it has been saved.
    • David Sanchez reported that his record is being saved.

  • (Laura) - What is the sample data with which we are working? (Tiziana) - What database do we want to see? (Laura) - Name authorities. Something in the name authority record should match up to the index. The headings should come from the authority record, not the bib record, unless recording an individual. (Charlotte) - Is it possible to make the Library of Congress data available? (Tiziana) - As authority records? (Laura) - Correct. (Tiziana) - In this installation, there is only local data. Tiziana pointed out the "Load from VIAF" feature. The heading can be created from here. When the user saves from VIAF, then the record becomes part of the locally stored database. In this test installation it is not working with the Library of Congress.

  • Jacquie demonstrated editing a 997 field on an existing record and save it and could not. When Jacquie tries to modify a field, the changes to not stay. She then tried to save the second indicator, and it did not work. Tiziana said that "Browse" needed to be searched in order for the change to "stick". 

    Record to be updatedYellow highlight needs to be edited.

    (Comments) - Several in the group found this process to be very cumbersome. Most of the validating/authority work occurs outside of the system. Lynn reminded the group that MARCCat can be set up so the 245 does not need to be validated and it will not be so complex. We can choose which fields we want to be control. The group does not want to browse indexes every time. (Tiziana) - Suggested creating more user-friendly workflow rather than getting rid of an indexing function. She thinks the workflow can be simplified. (Jacquie) - We would like to open a record, change the data we need to, save it, and be done. Even authority controlled headings could be simplified. (Jason) - Agreed with this. (Jacquie) - The distinction is the between fields that are transcribed versus controlled.

  • Tiziana showed an example of editing notes. The notes are not indexed. She thinks for the title, there still needs to be an index, but maybe there is a way to code without the browse step.

  • Group concerns about the fixed fields display. (Tiziana) - Demonstrated the useful features within the Browse screen. She suggested giving MARCCat the ability to edit a heading and saving but having an option to open that browse index if wanted. (Jason) - Last week, tried to add a 100 and it reverted to a 700, they weren't sure why. 

  • Jason - How can be best document issues? Tiziana suggested contacting David. (Jason) - The functionality of WeCat will likely be the same as MARCCat unless we direct otherwise. (Tiziana) - Agreed. Suggestion on how to optimize the flow is very important right now. This is the time to address the workflow.
  • (Lynn)  - Charlotte started a Google doc for problems. Pointed out the difference between user errors and functionality improvements. The problems could be separated into several categories. (Tiziana) - If you find a Browse when adding or changing a field, the Browse needs to be addressed. She offered to work with the group again later today or tomorrow. 
  • The group did not want Tiziana to use more of her vacation. The group will put information on the Google Doc. Tiziana will check with the Google Doc. David said they have improvements

Question for future MarcCat meeting: what are the advantages/implications of "indexing" a field vs. not indexing?

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