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  • please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Discussion items


Need a volunteer to take minutes today! (LW took some note, but MM-SIG members can feel free to add to them - thanks!)
Product Council update
  • Update from PC council meeting 8/9 discussing PC liaison to SIG role
  • PC discussed Workflows engine/functionality and passed the discussion topic over to Technical Council for their review. Workflows has been resurfaced as critical for development. They are looking at several options, including one existing open source option
  • Harry Kaplanian is working on revising the extisting capacity plan & PC will review the plan at next week's meeting
  • Need more PC members to liaison with SIGs, as some members have dropped off or taken on other roles
 Subgroups update 

Batch load subgroup: work of the group is ramping up; a development group has been assigned, and Ann-Marie is working to get them familiar with library data (MARC) and requirements; the subgroup will be continuing to work on front end UX design over the next few weeks

Ann-Marie/Charlotte/Tiziana met with FOLIO data architects to get a better understanding of data structure & requirements in FOLIO; Ann-Marie/Charlotte & Wayne will be revising the data storage sketches & data flow sketches based on that conversation. Ann-Marie will share notes from the architecture conversation 

ERM subgroup: screencast with “status update"

Leipzig University Library (UBL) is developing the eUsage app: see the wiki site eUsage

Acquisitions work update: Vendors module is close to complete & Finances not far behind. Working on the orders app now, with invoices to follow & then receiving and checkin. Working on building an order API to allow real time creation of orders/instances/holdings in FOLIO from vendor data

MarcCat subgroup update

Clarification of subgroup work: WeCat  should be seen as a model for MarcCat functionality. The group charge is to make recommendations on porting and transforming existing WeCat functionality. Currently the group is systematically reviewing WeCat functions and making recommendations on what to port (or not) into FOLIO MarcCat. A UX designer is part of the subgroup, and the group discussion and feedback is providing input to help drive the design of the FOLIO MarcCat UX. The group is currently in the very early phases of UX design and functionality development. 
There is a central spreadsheet to capture WeCat / MarcCat questions & recommendations:  and subgroup members are encouraged to add their comments/recommendations/questions to the sheet

No deadline / timeline for feedback at the moment, we'll check in with Tiziana/Charlotte to get a sense of timeframe


Order Material types spreadsheet (types in Coumn B)

RM discussion of hard-coded value lists: 2018-08-10 Meeting notes

Future FOLIO Forum: Inventory

What features of Inventory would we like to highlight?

draft outline, please edit or comment:

things to keep in mind: who is our target audience ; provide screenshot &/or live demo; think about having some canned searches for inventory demo; look at inventory records with and without source MARC records; demo creating instance/holdings/item records

Discussion about Codex & where it is at the moment. Sense that it is in 'proof of concept' state now, but utility of Codex will be demonstrates as more Knowledge Bases become available for search, and as more FOLIO apps become fully developed.




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