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Discussion items

Product Council updateDracine Hodges

ERM subgroup PO's (Kirstin & Ian) came to PC to discuss development, ERM is now integrated into JIRA Epics & will be reporting out at Sprint reviews, so we'll be able to keep up to date with what is happening in ERM development. They are thinking of this as an initial build & then plan on adjusting development based on developments in other apps. Discussing integrating GoKB, but keeping FOLIO ERM flexible enough so that it can communicate with other knowledge bases.

Eusage module being developed (Univ of Leipzig?) - will work in tandem with ERM & will be talking with Reporting SIG, due to some overlap. Especially for identifying unique items.

Technical COuncil reported on its assesment of Workflow / Todo app. TC proposed a proof of concept model for working this out. PC will figure out how to resource this. Peter Murray has volunteered to be PO. They are looking at some open source software for this

Reporting SIG now has a PO: Nasib Nassar(?) of Index data & Vince Bareau of EBSCO will also assist for Data Lake development

There are 2 new folks from EBSCO to be working on FOLIO (Shaun Thomas?) - possibly devoted to Loan Rules and Bulk Editing. Re: bulk editor, person needs to coordinate with MarcCat (Tiziana & Charlotte)

Discussion of possible FOLIO working meeting to happen late this year (WOLFcon lite?) - target participants probably developers plus targeted SIG representatives

Laura W: glad that Workflows app is still being considered. DH agrees, many SIGs have been counting on this functionality being present.

Filip original idea was 2 separate apps, a workflow app (setting up the tasks) & a todo app (user notification for jobs / tasks)

Announcements – call for co-convener

 Lynn is stepping down as co-convener; please let Laura W. know if you are interested in co-convening;

Kimie is reducing her hours for UX design; Filip or another colleague will be participating as the Inventory UX designer. We thank Kimie for all of her work on Inventory UX

 Subgroup updates

Package subgroup:

Package element: name has been decided. Once there is a UX, the subgroup will reconvene, or the UX will be brought to the main SIG for input


Discussion on how to deal with post cancellation access (PCA): Agreements and PCA document

Defining "date related" terms:

Batchloader subgroup:

Development team has been assigned: Folijet; Ann Marie has been doing introductory sessions for them: Marc 101; batch loader 101; FOLIO 101. There is lots for them to absorb & decide how to structure their work. Filip has been working on UX sketches for the batch loader - slowly working through sketching out the various screens needed for batch loading.

Simplified UX for notes in Holdings and Items

Christie, Laura & Lynn worked with Kimie to try to simplify the UX for notes.

Proposed mockup is to have a 'generic' notes box & a definition of note type -

? about how this would look in an actual item or holdings records

Filip will catch up with Kimie re: what has been worked on to date.

There may need to be an interim solution if we can't have custom fields

CW will see if we can have a mockup for next week

Codex mapping of resource/format typesLaura Wright

A few volunteers needed to help review/define mapping of resource and format type values in Inventory to resource types in Codex / EPKB

FOLIO-1290 - Getting issue details... STATUS

hoping to have a small group review tomorrow or early next week

At some point, we'll need to incorporate "mode of issuance" into codex mapping.

MarcCat use cases review & design

Use cases spreadsheet link: MARCcat Subgroup: Use cases

WeCat issues spreadsheet:

reminder that folks should review use cases & if a use case for your institution isn't represented, please add it.

Issues spreadsheet should be for the MarcCat subgroup participants that encounter questions or problems in using the test WeCat interface.

Inventory. Edit of the list of Format values

Deletion of a Format requires a check to determine if it is in use - Format is not a required element. Implement a warning message before deletion is performed.

LW: this could be a common problem across many apps (patron categories for example, or anyother field that is customizable);

If it isn't a required field, maybe it's OK to be able to delete it from the table & have a warning message that X number of records are affected. ? about what the effect of deleting the field from the table would have? AMB: tags has a similar function - in tags, if a tag is deleted from the master list, that tag is deleted from all the records. ? about how changing a field would work - if field code is changed in master list, would all records with that code be changed. AMB: this is expected behavior in tags

AMB: question about internationalization/language. If the term is coming from a thesaurus, would the term be presented in language of tenant? Assume that locally added term would not be internationalized.

FH: would delete functionality have its own set of permissions, etc. CW/AMB: Yes

Question about using the batch delete / batch change functionality for the master list of field codes would be available for Authority management; Cornell will put this on the MM-SIG parking lot




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