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  • please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

Dracine, while not able to attend, emailed Laura that there are no new updates from the Product Council.

Viewing working version of FOLIO - discussion

Main page of the FOLIO page, there is a link to folio-snapshot-stable This is updated nightly.

At the end of September, a fairly stable release will be available here. Laura will let Dracine know that there is a desire for heads of SIGs to meet and react to live versions of FOLIO.

Subgroup updates

Batch Loader - The developers have an architecture designed that will be review. Latest discussions surround the log, and what information is desired for the log. The screens need to be finalized in 2-3 weeks. The stories need to go to developers by mid-October at the latest

ERM - They began discussing requirements for licenses.

Container Records Working Groups - Met with Filip to discuss how to implement a container record as an object similar to an instance record. They also discussed how to integrate with other apps.

MARCCat - A sub-sub group has met with Filip to develop starting sketches. This was brought to the MARCCat subgroup today, with positive reactions.

Update on UX work for analytics and bound with records

FOLIO snapshot stable will show these developments tomorrow. In relation to the screenshot above, Charlotte asked if the relationships should be explicitly labeled.

Example of a labeled screen:

The question as to whether or not this could be optional to display was asked. Jacquie could see how this would be very useful to some staff members, but possibly too much information for others. Natascha noted the redundant information in the screen above.

Natasha mentioned that the group has to still discuss the issue of how analytics and bound withs will be displayed at the item level.

Update on mapping resource types, format, nature of content with Codex terms

"Resource" and "Format type" in Inventory did not correlate with EBSCO's KB terminology.

Felix introduced a list used by the German libraries of format type terminology and their applications:

Felix Hemme has translated the core terms of rda D-A-CH.: **NEW**

The discussion that followed illuminated pros, cons, and nagging questions surround the adoption of a vocabulary list like this:


  • A list, established vocabulary like this, would make an easy place for programmers working with a discovery layer to access format information.
  • Solves the problem between current metadata in cataloging records and EBSCO KB terminology
  • Solves the problem of identifying and exposing Theses and Dissertations as a format.
  • Good for filtering


  • Seems to be duplicative - Information for this exists in our metadata already. (To which
  • Too EBSCO specific (since need is being driven by a different vocabulary in EBSCO's KB.) Other KBs will have their own vocab. Is this solution the right way to solve the problem?
  • This may not line up with established vocabulary in libraries that seek to define content.

Nagging Questions

  • What data store will the discovery layer draw from? (Lisa texted Demain, who developed the VuFind connector to FOLIO. She will post an answer on the MM Slack channel, if one comes)
  • What exactly is the intention or expectations for the Codex? Laura defined the Codex as being a federated search for resources both held by the library and outside of the library. Charlotte offered that while the Codex is intended initially for internal use, that could shift later.


  • Everyone agreed there is an issue with inaccurate description of formats in discovery layers. What is the best way to solve this.
  • Group will think about this
  • It would be helpful to see this "in action" live in FOLIO. It may help us better inform our decision. Charlotte is going to ask if that can be done. Jacquie cautioned that this would give us part of a picture, but not the entire picture of the ramifications of this added thesaurus.
  • It will be useful to look at the VuFind/FOLIO demo:




      Alice Krim
xAnn-Marie Breaux
xAnn KardosUMass Amherst
xCharlotte Whitt
xChristie Thomas

Damian Biagi

Dennis Christman

Dracine Hodges
xFelix Hemme

Filip Jakobsen
XJacquie SamplesDuke University

Jason Kovari

Jessica Janecki

Kimie Ou Yang
xLaura Wright
xLisa Furubotten
xLisa McColl

Lisa Sjögren
xLynn Whittenberger
xMary AlexanderUniv. of Alabama

xNatascha Owens

Niels Erik Nielsen
xPatty Wanninger

Sarah Schmidt
xTiziana Possemato

xJenn Colt
xSarah Ross
xMartina Schildt

xSara ColglazierMHC/5C

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  1. Hi folks. There is the notion of "report" in eHoldings vocabulary. Contrary to my assertion yesterday, there are multiple equivalents in our thesaurus: Experience Report, Literature Report, Report, Research Report, School Programme and Travel Report. I added these terms to (and I did a rearrangement according to the English designation).