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Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Some possible proposals to manage heading/access point (behind the scene or as UI function)

Continue the discussion on the points listed in the document saved in:



David has been working on refining the UX designs.

  • For example, David put in some examples of very long titles.
  • There will be icons that identify bibliographic records and authority records. These will be consistently applied. For the time being, they just picked a color. Example:

  • It was pointed out that the Record type and icon will be redundant, but Filip and David thought it would be helpful to have the icon to make it obvious with the icon.
  • There would not be an explanation of the icons if you hover over them. This is because it would not be an accessible feature without a mouse.
  • Filip pointed out that this (the icons shown above) will be a system wide standard, so it is not something this group needs to develop, design, or discuss.
  • If longer titles are part of a results list, panes can be closed to allow room to view the entire longer title.
  • Comments/Suggestion
    • The group expressed approval of the screens. Filip cited David's contributions.
    • Display the format in the brief bibliographic display
    • Use the mapping for format as exampled by the Inventory app
    • Local Bib ID number should display in brief bibliographic display.
    • Tiziana: ISBD view of the record is available in WeCat on a mouse-over. Do we need some other kind of preview? No one in the group felt we needed another type of view.
    • To Do: Set up a spreadsheet for bib results and authority results - Define columns and where information will be derived from. The group should contribute to this spreadsheet within a week (@Cult will share it with the group)
    • For spacing purposes, to obfuscate the need for horizontal scrolling, Filip is proposing layout similar to the screenshot shown below. Can the headers be implied, or do they need to be explicit? The group all felt the headers in these "cards" are not needed. They will be inferred.

    • The table layouts are challenging from a technical point of view. Do we need tables? Could we have cards all of the time? All agreed that we need a "dense" view to enable the user to see large amounts of data at once. Note: Columns can be reordered. Filip is recommending to take the table view, have logic built in so the table rows can turn into cards. This should be built for the whole system. There may be a horizontal scroll necessary until the time
    • In this brief display would we ever want to see a 700 field? (Tiziana asked, referring to situation such as 100 $axxx $ecreator and 700 $ayyy $ecreator)). Group did not feel like that would be helpful for the brief display. This issue could be included on the spreadsheet that will assess bib results and authority results.
    • Natascha brought up the desire to have a split view. Laura stated a need for this in Inventory as well. Charlotte will write a UX story about this. The group needs to "make a case" for why we need side by side views within one browser. Why is not opening a new browser window not sufficient? Laura will begin a Google doc and send the link to the group to view/contribute. This will eventually get posted on Discuss.
    • How can we get a feature prioritized (horizontal scroll and side by side screen views)? Write to people on the Product Council, stating the direct impact on the end user. Charlotte suggested that since this is system-wide, addressing the technical council may be useful.

Two outstanding topics:

  • Local Tag Tables
  • Local Authorities


Next step


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