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Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

Cate Boerema gave a demonstration for the Product Council of the different visualizations the new JIRA dashboards offer. These offer dynamic updates about the different functional issues in development. Institution specific and project dashboards can be viewed.

Laura included the following links to the dashboards:

The SIG conveners provided updates during the meeting as well. The Outreach Group is going to name the quarterly updates after wildflowers. There is a lot of coordination needed to get Chalmers live in a few months.

These can also be seen in the Product Council notes. Laura said she mentioned in the meeting her concern that we are relying very heavily on one person (Filip) for this project.

OAI-PMH project

Harry Kaplanian

OAI-PMH: Harry questioned if more information is needed by the group as to what this is and the function it serves in the library world. Other reason for this project is that there is a development team that is ready to work on this. Harry mentioned that our discussion about marking records for deletion is relevant to this topic.

Presentation slides:

  • The service that requests from harvesters is what is being targeted for FOLIO.

Why is an OAI being considered as opposed to an API when OAI is a more restrictive protocol than API.

This service will be making use of FOLIO's APIs, but the OAI-PMH is more compatible for vendors who are already set up to communicate with this protocol. For example, if Primo is your discovery service, Harry doesn't think it is reasonable to expect that they will write an API for a few years, but they are set up to receive calls via OAI-PMH. The long view according to Harry is that APIs will be the future.

Subgroup updates


  • September presentation of German library networks data flow environment. Participants are invited to share their own dataflows in order to take them into consideration by the ERM sub group.
  • UMass Amherst has given a demo of Coral ERM. They recently migrated to Coral.


  • Group spent time today trying to solve and clarify what is expected of the system to appear on a results screen.
  • Development can begin when this issue has been solved.

Data Import

  • Subgroup has been focusing on the setting screens for Actions, Matching, Mapping.
  • Much is happening in development. Tomorrow is the end of the first full sprint. They have finished the overall architecture document. The lead architects will review this.
  • The developers are working on the landing page.
  • The next area of development will be the file upload.
  • There is a meeting with @Cult next week to make sure there is clarity on the interaction. Ann-Marie noted that @Cult already has ISBN normalization code so that is does not have to be built.

Mark for deletion --use cases?Laura Wright

Please add to this spreadsheet:

  • Harry added to the spreadsheet.
  • Laura asked that members add columns/edit/rename as desired. Homework: If you care about deletion behavior, please look at this spreadsheet and add to it, comment and/or questions are welcome. Dependencies in other apps are of concern.
  • Ann-Marie Ideas of "Delete" and "Mark for Delete". New concept of "Hiding" still in db but a user without certain privileges would not see them. This may be useful in this conversation. Use Case: A user wants to load a MARC record, but only for the purposes of supplying information for Inventory. The user would like to not keep the MARC record. Keeping that MARC record may be necessary so a dependency is not broken, but not wanted in the main data source. "Hidden" would be a way to "archive" this component, without it coming into play in daily functions.
  • Purge feature - Some systems offer this for records that have no dependencies.

Container record UX/UI

Planned for Q1 2019 release.

Review (get feedback) on UX - draft:

What will be the best solution when mixing two rather different object types in one result list (the 2nd pane)?

Elements in the container record are listed in Inventory Beta Metadata Element spread sheet:

Outstanding tasks: Finish description of each element, set Required (yes/no), Repeatable (yes/no) and more.

(Discussion postponed.)

Primary contributor in Instance records?

...if there's time (this was a discussion that was started but not resolved last spring)

The developers are looking for feedback on what contributors should display. At first it was thought that the user would mark the primary contributor. That was decided against. Now they would like to give the developers a formula for deciding via code which contributor displays.

Generally: Can first three contributors be set to display in the order they display in UI.

What is meant by contributor exactly? Answer: Information that appears in 1XX and 7XX.

In Inventory Creator and Contributor are not differentiated, so MARC fields cannot be relied on to determining this.

Jacquie - Can't we just take the first named, or the alphabetically first? What could go wrong? (smile) Laura said it may be helpful to easily distinguish when viewing a list. Charlotte noted that this is used in a checkout screen, so alphabetical order may not work.

Dennis (and Lisa - TAMU via chat) : Can we display the first named, followed by "..." which would link to a list of all contributors.

This idea was liked by the group.

Next week: We will discuss how the 130/245 displays in the results pane, look at some data import screens, and look at delete behavior.




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