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MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion on the UI of the result list, produced by a SEARCH , to display at the same time authority and bibliographic records.

At Cult's concern - How can we group the information for the bibliographic record. Proposal:

Problem: Blank spaces that occur because column headers that apply for bibliographic records do not apply to authority records.

Group likes display, esp. blank space and color coding

Natascha - Suggested bib count is not relevant except for in authority records. The group agreed that the following result list is what we would expect to see in an bib/authority result (combined search results)

  • Question: Should 130 show on Bibliographic Search results? Ask Ann-Marie.
  • Should there be two columns for Date 1 and Date 2.
  • Edition is not need in bib results.
  • Format: Where does the information come from? Does WeCat do this? Annalisa suggested tag 008, because in cataloging the use of tags 3XX is relatively recent (not all produced records by libraries have these tags) and we don't have at the moment a mapping between 008 and 33X (Annalisa suggests to verifiy the link of the Library of Congress for a possible mapping between 000/007 and 33X mapping: i.e. or Laura suggested getting the information from the 008, do not consider the 33X.
  • Note: We will have columns turned on by default, and columns that can be displayed by institution.
  • Laura suggested having the call number displayed from the bibliographic record. Filip suggested waiting since this may vary from institution to institution.
  • 130, 240 - These are fields is something we are wondering if should be included in the bib display

When filtering by record type, the columns that appear will change. This is unique to this app. Could we have every column appear in search results? Some thought that we should not show columns that are not appropriate for that search. For example, an edition column or format column should not appear for an authority search.


@Cult: Regarding the format we have considered the "Search limits" used in the advanced search of the following catalogs: LOC and WorldCat. The criteria used in both catalogs are based on the value of the 000/06 tag. Attached is an excel with a list of possible formats and references to the specifications provided by LOC and WorldCat (there is a comment associated with the first row).


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