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Recording is available on: 

Link to the zoom-meeting:

Link to the wireframes: 

Link to the discussed document:

Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion and confirmation about:

  • the list of indexes used in the Search
  • the list of Type of Material in the filter section

according to the suggestions of following spreadsheet:

Discussion about the use of some terms and their definitions included in the following document made by some participants of the MARCcat group :


Christian shared the lastest version of the development of MARCcat, based on Filip and David's proposal.

  1. Search 1: Title = "Harry Potter", Contains
    1. Three panels - detailed screen shows
    2. Question: (via chat) - "If you do not check either Bibliographic or Authorities, does it default to Bibs only?" - The default if neither is checked is that both bibliographic and authority will be searced.
  2. Search 2: Name = "rowling" , Start with, Authority records is checked
  3. Question (via chat) - "Does this language of text come from the fixed fields?" - Yes, it comes from 008 position 55-57
  4. Question (via chat) - "And if you do another search, does it keep the conditions of the search the samne as the last one, or does you start you over with a blank slate?" – What is your preference? (Tiziana asked).
  5. Tiziana - They are still looking for input on the index list. Express preferences on Annalisa's document.
  6. Some members of the group do not want the system id take up so much space. It was suggested that the ID perhaps be moved from the first column to a column more to the right.
  7. The ability to reorder the columns will be available in later viewings.
  8. This view of MARCcat will be available on FOLIO Snapshot:



  • David will send the link to the MARCCat prototype in the next couple of days.
  • The Patron interface is being used as a starting point for the template behavior in MARCCat
  • There are two kinds of templates planned: "Standard" templates for various formats and also institution specific templates for templates that include local additions.
  • Merge function: Tags will be added to existing template
  • Will there be a "clone" or "copy" function? ("Duplication" in FOLIO already exists). David assured that the duplication function will be available.

Additional comments on document (

Does more need to be said about this conversation?



Next step

Next meeting will be Monday, November 5. There will be no meeting on Thursday, November 1. (National Holiday in Italy)


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