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Recording is available on:

Link to the zoom-meeting:

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Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion and confirmation about:

  • MARCcat prototype released by David Garcia last friday (on 2nd of November)

David lead a discussion, responding to comments:

  • Importance of Subject Column in results display? David thought it was important for @Cult. They already have the ability to show and hide columns in MARCCat. Tiziana would like to know if we would like this function to be set up at the user level, or at the institution level. Or, should it be configurable by search?
    • Jacquie and Laura both agree that setting this up at the user level would be best.
    • Tiziana - we want to avoid defining the result in terms of the query. That results.
    • In a subject search the group discussed what they would like or expect to display.
    • In the future, the ability to hide/displaying columns, even after a search is performed will be available.

  • Templates: Fields and text that will display in the "organizational" templates will be configurable at the institution level. There is an option to set up a personal template.

  • Collapsing 001, 003, 005
    • These fields can be collapsed or opened. Can the "default" setting be that these are collapsed unless otherwise requested?
    • This will be configurable at the institutional level.
    • Need to be able to copy these fields, the 001 in particular.
    • UUID - Will the 001 be visible

  • Record display (3rd pane)
    • Preview Record: Tiziana stated the need to speak with other groups about how the "View related" will work with the other apps. This will be in the future, but David agreed that we will need to speak with other groups.
    • Tiziana: Will Instance be used as a bridge to get to other apps? What happens starting from the Preview screen. Specifically, would MARCcat lead directly to the Order app, or go through Inventory first? Is anything other than Holdings and Authorities actually needed? New options:

  • Authority Record Search
    • Display 400s? Laura, Jacquie - would not expect to see the 400s in this search. What happens if we have a long list of 400s? Since it will display on the third panel, having it in the brief result is not necessary.
    • Should we have a name/title column? For example, for series titles this may be useful. In these cases, nothing would show up in the Name Column, but only in the Name/Title column. Suggestion: When we're searching for a 1XX, we only want to see the heading for which we searched. Suggestion is for a single column display.
      Proposal: Combine all columns and show just one.
    • Subject search column? This also does not need to display. The end result is only the heading will display in an authority search result.

  • Authority Record Preview
    • "Copy" name heading from the authority record into a bibliographic record. The user will have to go into the bibliographic record to paste. The vision for "Copy" is to include all the data in the box; currently that includes the indicators, the subfield codes, and the textual data.  David said that is what is envisioned, presuming the developers can make it work.  The field code itself will not be copied (doesn't display in the "Copy" box/area, but that is good.
    • When copying a full record, FOLIO will use the term "duplicate." "Copy" will be used for portions of a record.
    • When copied the indicators in the heading will be included.
    • Column decision: Use Access point, as opposed to Heading.
    • Keep Uniform Title column? - Series titles, music, the Bible, law.
  • Search by Title - We will talk about next meeting. Next week David will demonstrate this function.

Next step

Look at the updated prototype and comment. Next Thursday we will discuss and review the whole prototype


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