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Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

The SIG conveners attended today's Product Council meeting. Those updates can be seen in the Product Council meeting minutes. Hebis, a small consortia from Germany is a new member of OLE. They will be making contributions towards the FOLIO project. Marko Knepper will be their representative on the Product Council.

The consortia SIG attended, asking for guidance for next steps. There is a summary statement included in the Product Council minutes.

Special Collections and Archives Working Group, lead by Erin Treehorn, spoke at the meeting. They are deciding "next steps." They are wondering how they could become a subgroup to an existing SIG or SIGs.

Next WolfCon - May 1-3, 2019. The location has not be determined.

Subgroup updatesAnn-Marie Breaux

Data Import: MARC Bib-to-Inventory Instance standard mapping (Instance metadata MARC mapping working group needs to reconvene); will need to do something similar for MARC Holdings to Inventory Holdings soon (separate working group); more to come from Charlotte Whitt

  • There is a need to update the mapping from MARC 21 format to Inventory Instance and reverse (upgrade the alpha version to beta).
  • The Instance/MARC mapping WG will meet next week

  • And similar we need to finalize mapping from MFHD to Inventory Holdings and reverse
  • The Holdings/MARC mapping WG will meet before Thanksgiving


  • Please feel free to comment on this eUsage discuss post about requirements for e-resource usage statistics
  • Presentation of LAS:eR (Licence administration system for e-resources) => click here to watch the recording
  • mod-erm and ui-erm have been renamed to mod-agreements and ui-agreements
MARCcat demo

David presented slides demonstrated for the MARCcat app's current design.

  • App used for the catalogers
  • Built by @Cult
  • MARCcat will manage bibliographic and authority records.
  • Panes
    • Search and Filter Pane
      • search options
      • filters
    • Results Pane
    • Brief record display
  • Authority record search: Associated bibliographic records will be displayed.
  • There is an option to search for Authority and Bibliographic records together.
    • From this results screen, there is an option to preview the authority or bibliographic records.
  • A new record can be created. There will be some default settings formats like Monographs, Streaming Video, etc. The institution will be able to set up their own templates with default values too.
  • Tiziana added they released the first version of the MARCcat search function. They are finalizing the user interface for the search function.

    Jennifer Eustis (via chat):

    "If you create new records in MARCat, will there be an option to set holdings or create new & set holdings in OCLC for those institutions that do that?"
    This will happen, but work on this has not yet begun. Tiziana said micro services can be created to make this connection from MARCcat to OCLC. All other systems that want to interact with FOLIO

Prototype link:

Tiziana demonstrated MARCcat's search results. They at @Cult, along with the MARCcat working group are working on refining search options such as filter by language and format, and what should display.

Search MARCcat holdings? (Duke question via chat): Answer: Yes. It still needs to be worked on, buy it is being planned for.>

Felix (via chat) - "Maybe it would make sense to highlight the subfields ($ + letter) in the preview." David commented that this is being considered.

Lisa (TAMU) - Expressed the desire that when authority headings are edited, those changes will automatically happen in the associated bibliographic records. Tiziana confirmed this is already present in MARCcat's functionality. The system already works this way. Jacquie: Will this functionality work with batch loads of authority records? Tiziana: Not sure, but believes it should work this way. Sarah cautioned the need for rigorous testing of this function. Christie agreed and asserted the need for robust reporting that accompanies batch import of authorities and automated processes that may happen as a result.

How are the bibliographic records "matched" or linked to their authority records? Is it a string match or an ID match?

Jessica (via chat): "If we have URI matching rather than string matching that will help a lot. Thanks."

Cornell (via chat): "We still have to follow RDA. We do not have URI matching!"

Tiziana proposed to postpone this discussion until we arrive at the point of discussing the management of authority records and authority headings.




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