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Discussion items





MARCcat UX/UI analysis

  • Definition of the criteria to order the result list of AUTH+BIB
    Notes: Default criteria when searching Authority and Bibliographic records? What should the order be? Authority will start list, and continue with bibliographic records.
    • "Whatever is searched on should direct the results". Concern - when there is a title search and bibliographic and authority is selected, what would show? We would want to see a series authority record as well as the series and monographic titles below that. The bibliographic records should be ordered by the title in the 245. It's OK that the series title will not display in the results. Need example. David is wondering how the authority records in this case will be ordered.
    • There are lots of examples of records with no 1XX. This would mean this column in the search results will be blank.
    • David: Can the default always be to order by the 1XX? If a change of order can be done after the search, is this acceptable?
    • Group generally expects results and the order of those results to be driven by the search given. Group would like to see a title search proposal.

  • Suggestion to remove tag 130 from the column "Uniform title" in the result list of AUTH+BIB. It should be have only tag 240, because tag 130 is an “Access point” both for authority and bibliographic records, it means that tag 130 is already included/considered in the column “Access Point”.
    • In this case, can we remove the 240 from the results? How would this affect cataloging music and other materials that have a high importance on uniform titles. Could use examples. David and Tiziana will work on some examples in the upcoming days.

  • The index “Specific MARC field(s)” of the first drop down menu will be removed to postpone to a next release (in the next release wil be examined the feasibility to develop it)
    • Can we postpone the search for "Specific MARC fields" for the next version?
    • Group said that can be postponed. Yes.

  • Discussion on the Name/Title management and display in MARCcat. Definition about the category that should include the Name/Title: should Name/title be include in the category of Name or in category of Name/Title?

Presentation of the prototype about the Browse function in MARCcat. - David

  • Notes - Browse Name demo. Suggestion:

  • Displaying are 4xx fields from authority as well as 1xx fields.
  • Blue - these names appear in bibliographic records, but do not appear in authority records. These come from records that are already created in the system. In the MARC display options may appear like this:

  • Suggestion: Have a complete list as shown here:

  • Group likes this.
  • Proposal: User can select whether or not that want to see "See" and "See Also" headings. David and Tiziana will draft a screen shot.


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