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Recording is available on:

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Discussion items





MARCcat UX/UI analysis

  • Definition of the criteria to order the result list of AUTH+BIB
    Discussion on the search criteria already proposed.

    Please refer to the screenshots and comments posted from the previous meeting: 2018-11-19 MARCcat Subgroup Meeting Notes

    • Discussion: Tiziana pointed out the the record set used for these examples were incorrect, and did generate some confusion. She answered Sarah by saying that this is an example of a search, not a browse.
    • Tiziana concluded that more people preferred the left example of the first example, "Title Search Results - Default order by Access Point" in which the 1XX and 240 will be separated, each in their own column.
    • Subject search results: Preference: To see a subject column results that show the subject that was searched. Group would like to see this column only for subject searches. Group does not necessarily want to see same search results column for every search.

  • Proposal of the merge heading function (transfer record from a wrong heading to a correct heading)
    Discussion of whether authorities in the MARC editing tool are local copies of, for example, the NAF or if there is a live connection to the LC NAF
    Clarification: the "headings" do not create local authorities
  • Display 400 and See on one line or two: There were varying opinions. Some liked the one line that will wrap for longer names. Others like the see on the second line; this is also how it has been traditionally done in cataloging. For these 400 and see entries, there was a suggestion that there be an icon that is grayed out without the bullet points.

  • Discussion on the Name/Title management and display in MARCcat. Definition about the category that should include the Name/Title: should Name/title be include in the category of Name or in category of Name/Title?


Test MARCCat site on FOLIO - Tiziana will provide a link that will allow the group to test the search function of MARCCat.


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