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  • please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


  • Review/articulate a vision of the role and function(s) of Inventory within the FOLIO environment

Discussion items

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges
Subgroup updates

Role of InventoryLaura Wright

Questions have arisen at the PC level about Inventory's role, especially in the context of Codex and MarcCat
Review our thoughts about the role of Inventory (here's what we were thinking last spring:

Has anything changed? If so, how? If not, are we adhering to our model?

Laura will be attending the PC meeting on the 13th and would like to accurately represent MM SIG perspectives (even if we don't all agree)

For more context, you may also want to view the meeting minutes and/or recording of last week's PC meeting:




      Alice Krim

Ann-Marie Breaux

Ann KardosUMass Amherst
xCharlotte WhittIndex Data
xChristie Thomas
xColin Van AlstineSmith (FC)

Damian Biagi

Dennis ChristmanDuke University

Dracine HodgesDuke University

Filip Jakobsen

Jacquie SamplesDuke University
xJason Kovari

Jennifer EustisUMass Amherst

Jessica JaneckiDuke University
xLaura Wright

Lisa FurubottenTexas A&M

Lisa McCollLehigh University

Lisa Sjögren

Lynn Whittenberger

Mary AlexanderUniv. of Alabama
xNatascha Owens

Niels Erik Nielsen

Patty Wanninger

Sarah SchmidtDuke University

Tiziana Possemato

xJenn Colt
xSarah Ross
xMartina Schildt


xSara ColglazierMHC/5C

Nancy LorimerStanford


  1. Well, then I'll be the first to try the comment function. I'm participating in the ERM group and wanted to mention that the ERM apps under development will interoperate with the other folio apps such as Orders and Invoices. A key objective is to integrate ERM into the existing FOLIO architecture to avoid redundancy. In the last weeks we have also talked to Denis, Ann-Marie and Charlotte about workflows and data exchange and have made good progress.

  2. hello all,  When I mentioned earlier that the development of ERM seems to be overlapping with what the Codex was originally intended to do, I didn't mean that I conceived of it as something outside of, or disconnected from, the rest of FOLIO.  I think that creating used cases and definitions for each of the apps would be helpful when deciding where features may need to be developed and which are already on the FOLIO 'radar."