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A test instance of MARCCat is not yet available since they are working on an upgrade at the moment. As soon as it's available. they will make it available to this group. Tiziana is hopeful it will be ready in one or two days.
MARCcat UX/UI analysis
  1. Management of tag 76X-78X in MARCcat
    David will present a possible proposal for this.

    • Blind relationship: A relationship defined in a MARC record for an item not held by the holding library. This cannot lead to another record since the library does not hold that item. It works as a note.
    • One-way relationship: A link in one record will lead to another record, but there is not a link leading back to the original record. This is used when there is a "host item" with a lot of constituents.
    • Reciprocal relationship: A relationship can be made and linked from one record to another and back.
      All of these relationships will be available to be made in MARCCat.

      The library can decide if they want to use this feature or not. These relationships can be pushed to the discovery layer.

  2. Load of a record from file (WeCat)
    Batch Import diagram:


OCLC FRBR Cluster Analysis by Nathan B. Putnam, Director, Metadata Quality, OCLC



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