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Discussion items

Product Council Update

Discussion of SysOps Data Migration subgroup and Data Import – making sure they are not working at cross purposes

Desire to know when development might be focused on Data Migration feature

-Patty Wanninger is PO for Data Migration

Authority records will load into source record storage and surface in MarcCat – currently nowhere in Inventory for authority data to map to; for future (after instance and holdings mapping done) Authorities Data working group

Next week: roadmap update

FOLIO working meeting (not WolfCon) planning, tentatively still May 1-3 but subject to change

Subgroup Updates
Data Import: types of permissions needed, e.g. view only, preview only; 2 meetings with core architects talking about how to pull MARC out of Inventory into source record storage – a lot of data connection issues surfacing
New subgroup? Search and Sort features

to propose filters, functionality - see UXPROD-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS preliminary estimate: Q2 2019

currently implemented: Alpha environment; Khalilah is working on refinements of filter displays (e.g., how to present longer lists)

work currently scheduled for Q2 (but subject to change)

Marc-Instance/Holdings Mapping Status

Relevant deadlines?

Where are we & do we need to meet? (or can we finish work without meeting?)


UXPROD-149 - Getting issue details... STATUS and UXPROD-1397 - Getting issue details... STATUS


UXPROD-1303 - Getting issue details... STATUS and UXPROD-1396 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Codex Discussion Debrief

A lot of ideas, questions, and issues were raised at Vince Bareau's presentation last week Let's continue the discussion, including any parallels between Codex and Reporting.

Are there any specific concerns or additional questions we have?

Laura would also like to propose at least one alternate "vision" of the Inventory/Codex environment. Additional visions welcome!

Use cases/bottom up development risk only focusing on what we already know

Codex as the "magic" of FOLIO and what sets it apart – "Island of Esperanto" or hub

Is Codex necessarily the site of all that's proposed it do? Many disparate tasks

Is Inventory becoming an OPAC/catalog+ ? Most of us think not

Codex as point of intersection for ERM (or other apps) and Inventory

Should any data be stored in Codex?

For now, Codex is just an idea




      Alice Krim
xAnn-Marie Breaux

Ann KardosUMass Amherst
xCharlotte WhittIndex Data
xChristie Thomas

Colin Van AlstineSmith (FC)

Damian Biagi
xDennis ChristmanDuke University
xDracine HodgesDuke University

Filip Jakobsen
xJacquie SamplesDuke University
xJason Kovari

Jennifer EustisUMass Amherst

Jessica JaneckiDuke University
xLaura Wright

Lisa FurubottenTexas A&M

Lisa McCollLehigh University

Lisa Sjögren

Lynn Whittenberger
xMary AlexanderUniv. of Alabama

Natascha Owens

Niels Erik Nielsen
XPatty Wanninger

Sarah SchmidtDuke University

Tiziana Possemato

xJenn Colt

Martina Schildt


XSara ColglazierMHC/5C

Nancy Lorimer


XAaron TrehubAuburn
XWayne SchneiderIndex Data