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Recording is available on:

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Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Prototype of the load of record from file.



MARC validation/tag tables:

We want the system to validate MARC, that is, let us know when a field, indicator, or subfield is not valid.

In addition, each library needs to be able to define locally what is or is not considered valid. This is needed because MARC standards change. We may need to add a new field/subfield, we may need to include obsolete fields that are in our legacy data, and we may need to redefine some fields locally.

MARC validation examples from other systems:


  • marcrules.txt
  • unimarcrules.txt
  • The master rules files are updated manually by Terry Reese and pushed out to users
  • Users can customize the local rules files, but are then responsible for maintaining the files if there are changes to the standards



  • Configured and maintained exclusively locally.  If FOLIO could be counted on the make the MARC21 changes as soon as they are published and push them to all MARCcat users, that would be so wonderful ...
  • Pushed out to users from one master file.  Individual users are advised not to make customizations, as they will be overridden in the next update.

Some of the files in the Unicode folder:

Here is the bib 041 table, which underwent some revisions in the fall 2018 updates to MARC21:

Notice that these tables are continuing to permit the (OBSOLETE) value in Subfc.

List of local MARC fields used in Voyager at Cornell with definitions:


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