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Recording is available on:

Link to the zoom-meeting:

Link to the wireframes: 

Link to the discussed document:

Discussion items




MARCcat UX/UI analysis

Discussion about MARC validation/tag tables.

Please list new use cases on this spreadsheet:

David: Proposal for workflow:


  • Jacquie - Called the workflow that David described as "good" and "useful." Likes the idea of a "hierarchy" of rules: Some simply warn with messages, others block further action until error has been fixed.
  • Laura - Likes the idea of applying format specific rules. Laura was concerned that a record could be blocked from saving. Her workflow often involves interruptions. She would like to save the work she may have performed up until that point, even if it is not correct, yet.
  • Sarah - What is shown currently is not going to work for the level of detail libraries will need for MARC tags.
  • Tiziana will send a list of the available checks that their current system does with tags.

Group expressed the need to see the "backend" of the tables in some administrative place accessible to catalogers in MARCCat.


Next meeting: Will discuss details given in 1-24-2019 meeting notes: 2019-01-24 MARCcat Subgroup Meeting Notes


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