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Discussion items

No Product Council Update

PC did not meet this week (pre-empted by stakeholders' meeting)

Re-ranking (Capacity Planning Review) debriefLaura Wright

Consistent definition of "Go live" is desirable. 

Does go live mean "deal-breaker" or is a separate "deal-breaker" flag needed? What are we all considering "go-live" to mean?

Jennifer Eustis said at 5-colleges "Go Live" means "deal-breaker". Cornell was not necessarily thinking this way. They were considering work-arounds, if a work-around is available then they were not assigning a "go-live" status. 

Ann Kardos - Commented that this is an opportunity to rethink what they are doing completely.

Patty - "Go-live" was chosen instead of "deal breaker" to convey a concept of a "pioneer spirit". 

Jason - Some institutions are more risk adverse than others. Jason pointed out the concept of the MVP is a different construct than a "Go-live"

Suggestion: The need for clarification should go to Product Council.

Christie Thomas - "Go-live" should be deal-breakers. At Chicago they are trying to be accommodating to contribute, however, even if a workaround is possible, it is not necessarily feasible. We should assume best intentions - everyone is trying their best. 

Sara - The Jira tickets are not as clear as they could be. They are easily interpreted in different ways. The review may need to be done multiple times, possibly looking at issues in a holistic way. Having conversations about the Jiras is an important component.

Charlotte (via chat) - "Presentation of new features, and discuss them in context of existing features, could be a ‘monthly’ topic on the MM-SIG agenda"

Patty - A Jira filter can be made to enable a list of Jiras pertinent to this group to display.

Subgroup Updates and Other Updates

Data Import - Not currently meeting. They developers are working on the back end.

MARCcat - In last meeting a ranking was reviewed. Missing features were reviewed. Ann-Marie noted the desire for MARCcat to be available for testing. Charlotte noted that while everything may not be ready, it may be advantageous to supply the group with something to look at. Charlotte suggested that we may want to consider two steps - 1) having MARCcat, out of context with FOLIO and 2) then, when ready, MARCcat in FOLIO.

Batch Editing in FOLIO

Use cases for batch editing needs both within and across apps:

1) Identification & selection of records to be acted on

--Storing / accessing sets of records to be acted on

--Querying to create sets; scanning in data to create sets

--Connections between records of different types (e.g., search by barcode and then act on related instance data)

2) Definition of edits to be made

3) Implementing those changes

e.g., find/replace; delete field

UXPROD-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Where/how should the identification & selection occur?

Where/how should the editing occur?


"Ann-Marie (via chat) - It seems like identifying the batch of records to be acted on could perhaps use the same mechanism regardless of whether you are identifying them for batch edit or export. There's the start of a feature for identifying instances for export that could
perhaps be used for batch edit as well. UXPROD-978 - Getting issue details... STATUS "

Various ways of creating a set of records is needed. 

Laura - Was hoping to get an idea of where we see batch edits happening? Do we see this happening in any given app? What does this look like in the big picture?

  • Ann Kardos (via chat) - "i like a helper app"
  • Jennifer - envisions a cross app tool
  • Sara - Since each app is so different, it may be most appropriate to have a batch edit tool for each app. Create something global that is lightweight, but then modify it for each app as needed.
  • Christie - Proposed a centralized batch update app. So many of our processes rarely touch one type of data. Jacquie agreed, also adding that everything should be able to be updated, but limited by permissions. 
  • Jessica - Echoed the need for one batch update since the data is interrelated. 
  • Jason - Having one app is beneficial for workflow reasons, as well as user management control. There's a connection between the data warehouse and this app. The data warehouse currently scoped is restricted. 

Laura - It sounds like, ideally, we'd have a batch edit app. 

  • Christie said a batch edit app is a "go-live" requirement. 
  • Ann-Marie - batch import and export is more of a priority ?

Jason - "We 100% need batch delete". Ann-Marie said she'll have to check. 

  • Christie - A lot can be taken care of by round-tripping data. We should explore reusing the batch import UI for global updates
  • Ann-Marie – Export is parallel to identifying the records for batch. 

Laura - 5 colleges has put a lot of work into coming up with use cases. We can use these use cases to test this notion of beginning with concepts of export when considering batch edits.

Ann-Marie - Magda Zacharskawill be working with export. Export is currently scoped to Inventory. 

Laura - There may be a new subgroup focused on Export, assuming it's acceptable for Magda. In the meantime, if you are interested in working on export - let Laura know.

When ranking bulk export Jira, keep in mind that the ability to round trip data is a potential workaround. 

Sara - Do we have the tools and a basic understanding if it will be possible to round trip data like orders, and invoices - non-inventory specific 

Dennis - anything we cannot bulk edit, we should be able to import/export/overlay those various types of records (orders, invoices, holdings, etc.)

Laura, please look at the use cases and see if this is truly a problem.

Meeting adjourned.

Multiple Graphical Representations

STILL ON HOLD for future meeting (possibly with representative members from Tech Council)

working document:


  • If multiple forms of the value are represented in a single JSON object, both scripts have to be included in a single value cell. This limits the search function.
  • Chicago is testing graphical representation in FOLIO. Here is an example:

  • See MARC record:
  • See JSON sample: (Christie will provide)
  • Functional requirements need to be built so developers can understand the issues. What would we like to have happen in FOLIO?
  • Proposed solution:
    • Single JSON object for the property, e.g., Title, with the ability to have an array of values for display (labels).

    • Values should allow for a property that identifies the script.

    • This would allow for the ability to configure displays to include multiple representations or a selection of representations.

Functional requirement: Create an instance record and be able to have multiple graphical representations of the language, or be able to put a non-transliterated title that can be searched in other scripts.

Note: Charlotte has added following feature description (UXPROD) in Jira: 

UXPROD-1646 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Christie expressed hesitation about being too prescriptive about what the JSON should look like. She suggested spending time on the Functional Requirements. Suggestions for additional functional requirements were added to the Google doc: DRAFT - Multiple graphical representations in FOLIO. (Also linked above.) 

The group also would like to make recommendations as to what this should look like in the FOLIO interface. Example systems that work well?

Future meeting topics

Source of truth (SRS). Review the FOLIO metadata flow based on test of the newly implementation of edit freeze of records in Inventory when having only SRS and Inventory installed. Is the freeze to happen between SRS and Inventory, or freeze of Inventory is only when there is a MARCcat equivalent of the Inventory record?

Rename the Notes accordion in Instance, Holdings, Item and Container record to be renamed, in order to distinguish between the new Notes app ( and the notes we have in the metadata records.

Inventory Permissions ( UXPROD-1371 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Search enhancements - possible also look at more general requirements for defining search, e.g. when to use: Phrase search, Truncating (left and/or right), Stemming, Nested search, Boolean search, etc. (TC and MM task)

Authority Data and Inventory Vision (small group work first)

Discovery – need to clarify sources of data for discovery vs. data needed for operations; this needs to be documented for the entire FOLIO community and direction should come from Product Counil

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them

Music / Maps / Media cataloging review of data elements in Inventory

Felix (via chat) "@charlotte: I could ask a colleague (from one of the 180 network libraries) if she/he could review the beta elements from a 'musical' point of view."

Texas A&M may have a music cataloger that can help.

Christie offered to load cartographic and music data from other libraries into their test FOLIO instance.

Jennifer (via chat): We should also look at video as well. Videos have other standard numbers EAN for instance and fields that people like to search and discovery them by




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