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  • Discuss specific JIRA features with Capacity Planning Team

Discussion items

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UXPROD-137 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Transfer/Relink Holdings and/or Items

  • Number of institutions that list this as "go-live" - 8 
  • Summary of Responses to MVP
  • Institutions that need this for MVP. Reasons:
    • Chicago - transfer items between holdings, holdings between instances, re-establish relationships. If not available they will be re-coding by hand. Another example - Purchase Order relationships need to be maintained or rebuilt as required. There is a lot of need to re-link items, esp. as receiving. Ex.: Ordered volume may be ordered in one way, but cataloged ultimately in another way - yet PO relationship needs to move with item.
    • Holly pointed out this is very large - 45 days to accomplish. Perhaps the UX design is driving the amount of development time. Christie asked is there another way, a quicker way, to give this functionality to the users.
    • Holly said if we decide we have to have this, time will need to be taken from something else. Also, there is a plan to address stories that did not make MVP, because of capacity, but are high priority. Is there something we can delay in order to move this up?
    • Sara - is this also a problem because this is a component of bulk editing. Cate did not think so.
    • Holly - by talking about feature as a group, maybe a workaround could be learned. Christie - Everything on the list has been discussed over past couple of months. Charlotte - 4 or 5 meetings were spent. Cate - item records can be created - Harry - you can duplicate then delete - Members - info is lost - circ history, purchase order info, links to other records., also can only duplicate an item onto the same holdings.  Jacquie - there is no workaround if relationships cannot be maintained, without engaging with someone with access to the API. 
    • Christie - data would need to be changed in multiple data stores - if there is API documentation for doing this - it may be a workaround for some. 
    • Mary - Scenario - Physical collections moving. Cate - change locations? Mary - workaround
    • Harry - They understand the importance of this, but availability of people to work on it is limited. While this is not MVP, it could still be ranked high. Readiness of this would aid in its escalation. Q3 is finished, Q4 will be developed in an abbreviated period.
    • Charlotte - developer hours dedicated to Inventory? - Inventory is still in progress. 
    • Harry - Understands Inventory is not finished. There is a spreadsheet that lists developer times and projects.

Christie - since the meeting is halfway completed, we should move on and discuss how we as a group should approach these issues - possible workarounds members have thought of. 

Christie - What does post-mvp really mean? Q1?, Q2? Holly - "Post MVP" is specifically termed that way so people don't get their hopes up. Q1 and Q2 will be dedicated to working on MVP issues, bugs, performance issues. After that, Post-MVP priorities will come up.

Jacquie - Even if something is not in the "MVP" the idea of "go-live" remains the same. Holly - "MVP" features maxed out the capacity of developers.

Holly will send a Google Sheet of priority development. 

Christie - Spend time making a list about the types of information we want to have about these issues - what we think their implications are and workarounds. Maybe we can also rank these. 

UXPROD-1647 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Maintain relationships... (related to UXPROD-137)

Similar to one above.

UXPROD-1856 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Instance to Instance linking for In-Analytics/Boundwiths

UXPROD-1241 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Item to Item linking for Boundwiths

UXPROD-961 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Allow inventory instances to generate PO and PO Line

  UXPROD-976 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Import individual MARC record (i.e., OCLC integration)

Needs more conversation. What is the workaround?

UXPROD-1911 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Is this really a duplicate to UXPROD-141 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-1713 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Migrate bibliographic data with existing HRIDs

  • Ann-Marie thinks they may have come up with something in Bib Import. Important for data migration

UXPROD-1405 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Data Import (Batch Importer for Bib Acq) - 2019 Misc navigation & screen issues

Error handling?

UXPROD-1727 - Getting issue details... STATUS

View items alongside holdings

A-M asks: are there any MARCcat features that did not make MVP that need to be reviewed?

CW: I'll ask Tiziana when I see her later today

Tiziana: We have a long list of features labeled with cap-mvp, which should be discussed and reviewed

with the Capacity Planning Team; but it's probably better to ask for another dedicated meeting to discuss and address this.

Action items