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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!

Discussion items

Product Council Update
  • Anton reported on FOLIO's bugfest which took place in mid-September.  5 Colleges and Alabama had the highest number of testers. Anton is creating a page for testers with more documentation and training tools. The next bugfest will be the second week of December
  • There is a need for Product Owners. The Product Owner's page has a list of places where PO needs are. If interested, please let the person in charge at your local institution know.
  • On the Implementer's Group page is a list of institutions and their intentions for "go-live".  A minimum of 5 were desired for full. 
  • Laura asked about the status of the person who will be hired to work on documentation. Dracine believes early December is the target date for hiring someone, but will check.

Subgroup Updates and Other Updates
  • Metadata Export Subgroup: reviewing and prioritizing: Export Use Cases
  • Import Subgroup:
    • Working on the log screens that show results of the import.
    • Ann-Marie is going to put out a call for another round of testing mapping.
    • Developers are about to finish work on an institution's ability to customize mapping from a Command Line Interface. It should be available starting next week.
    • HRIDs - There will be a settings page for Inventory that will handle HRIDs.

Feature ranking/new features?

Laura thanked Christie for chairing thee meetings while she (Laura) was away. 

Open Inventory Features Prioritization

Proposed prioritization for post cap-mvp development. We sorted by first the number of P1 votes and then the number of P2 (see "sorted by P1, P2 tab):

The top 10 features seem clear here. Are there any that are not in the top 5 or 10 that need to be reconsidered? (for instance, critical to one or two institutions)

Laura asked that everyone take a look at the doc and make sure it meets your institutions' needs. Reach out to Laura with concerns. Jackie from Duke asked if UXPROD-1714 - This is related to UXPROD-140 which we are going to work on. UXPROD-1714 will be added to the spreadsheet.

Single Record Import

Clarification about importing bib records directly from OCLC into FOLIO SRS.

Laura believes it would make sense to pull data directly into Source Record Storage from OCLC, just like we want batch import to behave.

Proposal by Tiziana for MARCCat behavior: 

Note: Once a bib gets to SRS it will automatically create an Instance. 

Holdings: If the library chooses to have MARC Holdings, there will be three different storages for holdings. The flow will still probably be as shown above, plus updated in the Inventory app. Some libraries will not use MARC Holdings. In these cases holdings data will go only to Inventory Holdings storage.  SRS holdings is only MARC.

Christie asked about the "Rules" area in this diagram.  Are we expecting that there will be one profile for OCLC to FOLIO? At Chicago they have many profiles and scenarios for data going from OCLC into their system. Are we expecting to have this type of flexibility? Can we leverage work from data import to work for this too? Laura said in Sierra there was a single default profile. You could also you could import data into OCLC that invoked a different profile. Christie said in OLE Chicago built a simplified UI on top of data import. In OLE, they select a file and a profile for their single bib import. Jacquie said at Duke they use multiple holdings codes put in the 049 that generates a holdings record.

Ann-Marie is not sure what is envisioned for the "rule" box pictured above.

Christie wondered if this could go through the API. 

Tizianna said the initial intention of the grey "rules" box was to call up the job profiles. 

Charlotte asked who is working on the OCLC connection? Jenn Colt from Cornell said she has been collaborating with Tod Olson from Chicago on this, as well as OCLC. When Jenn and Tod get a bit further they will ask for help and set up a Slack channel. 

Laura said MARCCat is appearing in the FOLIO test instance but is not operational. 
Future meeting topics

Source of truth (SRS). Review the FOLIO metadata flow based on test of the newly implementation of edit freeze of records in Inventory when having only SRS and Inventory installed.

Inventory, MARCcat, Data Import Permissions interaction review

Search enhancements - possible also look at more general requirements for defining search, e.g. when to use: Phrase search, Truncating (left and/or right), Stemming, Nested search, Boolean search, etc. (TC and MM task)

Authority Data and Inventory Vision (small group work first)

Discovery – need to clarify sources of data for discovery vs. data needed for operations; this needs to be documented for the entire FOLIO community and direction should come from Product Counil

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them

Music / Maps / Media cataloging review of data elements in Inventory

Felix (via chat) "@charlotte: I could ask a colleague (from one of the 180 network libraries) if she/he could review the beta elements from a 'musical' point of view."

Texas A&M may have a music cataloger that can help.

Christie offered to load cartographic and music data from other libraries into their test FOLIO instance.

Jennifer (via chat): We should also look at video as well. Videos have other standard numbers EAN for instance and fields that people like to search and discovery them by




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