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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Product Council Update

Tiziana and Annalisa gave a MARCCat demo. Still deciding if 001 will be the same as the Inventory HRID. Lisa from Chalmers reported that they are having problems with their HRID linking to their databases. Working on defining MVP for MARCCat. The National Library of Italy in Florence is looking to go live with MARCCat in a few weeks. (question) They are working on the ability to perform complex queries on the back end. When will MARCCat be integrated with SRS? - They are working this out in consultation with Index Data. 

Charlotte (via chat) - "The linking between Chalmers instance records and the record in LIBRIS (the Union Catalogue in Sweden) is being worked on - UXPROD-2249"

The Florence Library will only use FOLIO apps:  Check In / Check Out / User / Inventory. They will not need edits for records. Bibs will be ingested from Union Catalog. No underlying SRS.

First draft of the Support SIG  is now availlable. ("The purpose of the Support SIG is to govern FOLIO’s support structure.")

One more point in response to Ann's question and for Lisa's minutes; @cult is working on moving the postgres database into FOLIO, finalizing the automatic processing of loading records into a testing environment; No ETA, hopefully determined in defining MARCCat MVP.

Subgroup & other updates?
  • Reports Working Group is working individually and in groups on report.
  • Entity Management Working Group - Working through use cases. Once in a shareable state, they will be brought to this group.
OCLC single record import update

  UXPROD-976 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Chicago, Cornell, Duke and Texas A&M are working on this with Index Data. Representatives from each group will be informing the development. 

Mike Gorrell will join MM SIG for an update on the work March 12.

Two Date Fields in Inventory (Item status date & Instance status  date) - align the display?Charlotte Whitt

Instance status date - should the display in Instance detailed view be aligned with the proposed changes for Item status date - see: UIIN-984 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Currently when Item Status changes, the Item Status updated date changes. Proposed change is to have the date represented in a time stamp. This is in alignment with other apps - the change will make it more consistent. 

Cataloged date field in Inventory InstanceLaura Wright

Follow up on this Slack conversation:

The "catalog date" is not system assigned. It is a field that was requested by the MM SIG early in the project. 

  • Should this be an editable field in the Instance? 
    • What is this not mapped from 005 in source record. It changes when updated. 
    • Idea is to have a date that definitively announces that a particular item has been cataloged. It is the final iteration of this record. 
    • Is Inventory the best place? Is MARC the best place? Not everyone will have underlying MARC - consider.
    • Does this have a use case in Inventory? Does someone in circ for example care about the "cataloged" date? In Aleph the cataloged date is included in the MARC record. "Status Update" is what is referred to. Where is it in the queue? Where is it? That is the info often needed.
    • The need to allow for a variety of workflows was noted - keep it flexible.
    • Chicago uses "Instance Status" to note what "cataloged date" reflects for many libraries.
    • There is not a standard place in MARC record from which this info can come. Many libraries are using the 9XX. Not a good field in MARC record. 


    • Ann-Marie submitted a request to make this an editable field even if there is an underlying MARC record.
    • This is not a required field.
Inventory Documentation Needed

Inventory (Inventory tips and tricks page)

For every app there are pages of documentation - some are placeholders.

Action: Volunteers needed to collaborate on creating documentation for Inventory pages. It does not have to be in a perfect final form. You can start to record information. If you need a wiki logon let Laura know. She will help you get a log on. Laura wondered if people would want to participate in a virtual "editathon". 

Ann-Marie suggested using this page as a model for a similar page for Inventory - Settings - Reference data

>Individual Apps: Information, Tips, and Tricks


Unfinished business

Alternate Graphical Representations -

Future meeting topics

REP-234 - Getting issue details... STATUS (overlap analysis) need to collaborate with RM – Chalmers is interested as well (incorporates Inventory & e-Holdings plus ???) see also REP-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Statistical codes: type = "Action" – create list of recommended values

Refine the result list - work planned for development Q3 2020

UXPROD-1634 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and slide deck about hierarchical display of result list

Filip Jakobsen suggests to use Message banner (a new component) to display if an instance record is marked as: Suppressed from discovery, Staff suppress, or Previous held, or holdings/item is marked Suppressed for discovery. This use is intended as a MVP solution: Post-MVP we aim for ux consitency with MARCcat.

STCOM-592 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Source format (FOLIO, MARC and more) and Source of truth (SRS, LIBRIS, K10Plus and more). Review the FOLIO metadata flow based on test of the newly implementation of edit freeze of records in Inventory when having only SRS and Inventory installed.  UXPROD-2249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Inventory, MARCcat, Data Import Permissions interaction review

Search enhancements - possible also look at more general requirements for defining search, e.g. when to use: Phrase search, Truncating (left and/or right), Stemming, Nested search, Boolean search, etc. (TC and MM task)

UXPROD-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-2180 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Discovery – need to clarify sources of data for discovery vs. data needed for operations; this needs to be documented for the entire FOLIO community and direction should come from Product Council

Item statuses and the apps that affect them -

Music / Maps / Media cataloging review of data elements in Inventory

UIIN-864 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Texas A&M may have a music cataloger that can help.

Christie offered to load cartographic and music data from other libraries into their test FOLIO instance.

Jennifer (via chat): We should also look at video as well. Videos have other standard numbers EAN for instance and fields that people like to search and discovery them by




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