Attendees: Jason, Wayne, Lisa, Steven, Charlotte, Jacquie, Chrisite


  1. MARCcat and Authorities
    1. atCULT group still working to wrap-up work. Will be difficult to port into FOLIO. Idea of authority control living in MARCcat as-a-start needs to be rethought... and think about how do we think about authority control as its own app. Unclear whether MARCcat will be available in MVP
    2. OLE does not have authority control - Lehigh and Chicago living with that for 5 years
    3. Cornell: we are planning to do authority management externally
    4. Jacquie: are we planning for a tool within the tool? Wayne: way of having controlled strings in records. 
      1. Duke: has an authority vendor and authority libraries. Turned off ability to auto-link heading to an entity. They have a mixed method of doing this, including an authority vendor. Are we talking about a mixed method OR this being internally automated?
    5. SF: idea that change happens in authority set and whatever change happens in SRS – we'll need some sort of view that lets us make sense of those changes and act on them. Can be something like Open Refine where we see previews of the change... and decide whether want to effect all records with that value. Authority maintenance – and can happen outside of MARCcat
      1. Duke: have a bibliographic library and an authority library. turned off connection with live records and those authority libraries. Heading changes mostly reloading bib records from authority vendor. Locally work on unmatched headings
    6. Christie: concerns about doing authority control in MARCcat at all. Identifiers in bib records and doing what Jacquie mentioned where they do work on records with no match to an auth record... and creating one or flagging them. Critical point: see authority control happening at SRS-level. Have control about everything being a heading in MARCcat... and what the ramifications and downstream effects of that are.
    7. Wayne: do you want to manage strings locally in some way? Via cache or otherwise?
    8. Jason: there are use cases we have currently for adding statements about external data (e.g.: alt labels; relationships between entities). Also there are use cases to go across SRSs (if MARC SRS is separate from other SRS)
      1. Is it one SRS or many SRS? Diagrams show multiple... but still a one JSON blob. A use case to have multiple data formats going into SRS has not transpired yet
    9. Does MARCcat's unlikely transpiring change our charge OR change our speed of work?
      1. likely does not change charge but does affect what we work on first
    10. In next two weeks: Chicago, Cornell and Duke all document our current authority management workflows
      1. Christie: Yes; Steven: Yes; Jacquie: Yes
      2. Lisa: will start brainstorming around what Lehigh has lost by not having authority management since OLE implementation
      3. Jason, Wayne: incorporating the notes from the work areas discussion meetings. Wayne will kick off this discussion
  2. Use Case brainstorming:
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