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Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items


(thank you, Lisa Furubotten )

Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

PC Meeting notes

FOLIO code of conduct (overview slides)

  • This week we learned FOLIO is  accepted into Google Season-of-Docs (program that fosters open source development so FOLIO will benefit from access to the tools and documentation available from this group.
  • Paula Sullenger is now Convener of the Implementers SIG.  
  • There are some SIGs that need new conveners.
  • Please help support the Consortia SIG.  Lloyd is interested in volunteering as the Convener, with a vision of more MMSIG participation and metadata a key element of consortia functions.  MMSIG members interested in participating, please contact Lloyd.
    Christie noted the cleanup of HathiTrust records as an example of how FOLIO might facilitate metadata collaborative projects.
  • Report from Anton about bugs – more than anticipated, but optimistic progress.  See Technical council meeting notes.  
  • The Code of Conduct has been endorsed.  There will be more communication rolling out about this. Laura encourages that we review the code.  There will be a call for Community Support Volunteers who will have the duty of reviewing concerns about Code of Conduct violations.
Subgroup & other updates?


Donor ManagementDennis Bridges

Donor Management UX Prod 1018 [Dennis Bridges]

  • Goal:  managing donor information in FOLIO, addressed because desire to add donor information to order records. 
  • Currently there is a donor text field, but to drive functionality and track who your donors are, there needs to be a solution to provide more donor information.
  • Some information to be captured: Name, donor code, description, URL to link to donor information, etc.,  that can be used to capture donor information for discovery
  • From an ordering perspective, you may only need the donor code (could be multiples).
  • Further information would enable us to give them credit publically, and we also still need to report back to them how their funding was spent.
  • There is a need to get the information through Inventory:  at least code, description, text for display, and possibly URL to electronic bookplate. 
  • The Donor group has mocked up possibilities how this might evolve --  mock ups were shown to group of how donor information might look in Orders App. 
  • Step 1 is the ability to select a donor  from a list (so it becomes a reference to a controlled vocabulary of donors in ‘Settings”).  The Group exploring strategies on how one might manage the donor list. 
  • A further Issue is also how to get the donor information into the inventory record.
  • Issues to consider are:  how much donor information is sensitive, cases where donors are also users, making donation information public or non public ; What if there is no order record?
  • The scope of first phase is still open ended.  Question for us is: What are the specific requirements that the MMSig would have for donor information?

Discussion continued about:

  • Different use cases and how different schools do it currently.
  • What our needs are, and what organizational strategy for the information would work best to solve the different needs.

Noted: that we don’t currently have in FOLIO a good mechanism for dealing with gifts --  that might be a conversation that needs happen prerequisite to solving  how to manage donor information. 

Also: we need to think about how we are going to migrate the donor information we already have.

Dennis: Does it make sense to capture very detailed information about donors (which could be sensitive) and which could managed elsewhere external to FOLIO.  In FOLIO we could track ‘how the library is being influenced ty these donors.”  


  • In FOLIO, is our only concern for order records, item record agreement?
  • Are there other records in folio that might impact with a donor?  [holdings and item records, instance record?  What about MARC bibs and holdings?  

 Conclusion: We want the same fields at instance ; holdings ; item levels, for searching, depending on how your discovery layer searches.

Action item: Continue discussion of use cases to enable further modification of the mockup

Feature review

Postponed: Return to this 5/28?

Rather than a comprehensive review, please bring up any features you'd like clarification on or you think need to be higher priority.

MARC authority & holdings data

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Future MM meetings (ongoing)

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