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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Product Council Update

Latest sprint review (88 and 89) "Exciting information shared" - Demo of QuickMARC, latest for data import and data export.

Update from Chalmers about a web registration form that integrates with FOLIO. They will try to make available to all.

Missouri State will be going live on Monday.

PC Chair election will be voting for an incoming chair by June 11. Dracine is running! You can reach out to your PC Rep. if you would like to give input about who you would like to be the incoming chair.

Subgroup & other updates
  • Bound with functional requirements (not analytics) have been discussed by the working group.
FOLIO DocumentationMarcia Borensztajn

Marcia introduced herself, giving information on her work experience and background. She has been meeting with groups so far. She's looking at what content on FOLIO is out there already and how FOLIO works. She would like to come up with an initial Information Plan as a short-term goal. Long-term she would like to have a repository that enables people to interact well with the community.

Google Season of Docs - Match tech writers to open source projects. FOLIO was accepted into the program. Read the news story here.

Please let Marcia know of your ideas or thoughts. Contact her by Slack or Email. There may end up being a Slack channel specifically for this, but the time for that is unknown.

Feature review (ongoing)

Are there any features that are still unclear? Any work-arounds to share? Anything you've ranked go-live but others have not, and you're wondering why?


Action: Page for frequently used links?


  • Tips and Tricks
  • Inventory - What it is and What it is Not
  • Metadata mapping Google Sheet 
Future MM meetings (ongoing)

Add ideas here




Aaron TrehubAuburn

Ann-Marie BreauxEBSCO

Ann KardosUMass Amherst


Charlotte WhittIndex Data

Christie ThomasChicago
    Christin Seegerthbz

Colin Van AlstineSmith (FC)

Damian Biagi

Dennis BridgesStacks

Dennis ChristmanDuke University
     Douglas ChorpitaGoethe Uni Frankfurt
xDracine HodgesDuke University

Felix Hemme


Filip Jakobsen
xJacquie SamplesDuke University

Jason KovariCornell

Jenn ColtCornell

Jennifer EustisUMass Amherst

Jessica JaneckiDuke University

Kristen WilsonIndex Data
xLaura WrightCornell

Lisa FurubottenTexas A&M

Lisa McCollLehigh University

Lisa SjögrenChalmers

Lynn Whittenberger
xMagda ZacharskaEBSCO

Martina Schildt


Nancy Lorimer


Natascha OwensChicago

Niels Erik Nielsen

Patty WanningerEBSCO
xRita AlbrechtHeBIS-Verbundzentrale

Sara ColglazierMHC/5C

Tiziana Possemato

Theodor Tolstoy


Wayne Schneider

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