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please put an 'x' next to your name in the list below the "Discussion items" if you are attending. Thanks!


Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Product Council Update

Product Council Meeting Minutes

  • Capacity Planning Team will be working on plan for upcoming development based on Round 4 library priorities
  • Cate - Jira cleaning
  • Anton gave a report (see minutes)
  • Group of institutions who have implemented Folio may be formed.

Subgroup & other updates?

MARCcat: currrent status update

Tiziana Possemato

Ann-Marie Breaux

Cristina Gareta

MarcCat work is now separated into the following epics: 1) MarcCat bibliographic 2) Marc Holdings Records 3) MARC 21 Authorities 4) MarcCat APIs

Most of the recent work has been "behind the scenes" : fixing bugs, cleaning code, etc. 

  • Many indexes are available for searching through MarCat
  • Search results now include MARC tag so user is aware why the result appeared
  • Query history will be maintained in left pane under Actions
  • Record can be duplicated. A new ID is assigned at point of duplication.
  • Create new record. Currently this is using a fixed template. 
  • Demo of a lightweight MARC validation check, alerting user to incorrect field construction.
  • Can view MarcCat in Folio snapshot: - 
  • Action: Please test and report results to Tiziana - check Jira first in case it has not been reported

Question: "Are saying we can create set queries, ones that might be run routinely, or something of the like?" - Tiziana - Thinks probably yes in the future. Currently the history is session related and will be erased when session is over. Tiziana invited Jesse to send her the question so she can relay it to the technicians.

Open questions from chat:

  • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) : Is there any way to paste in a whole field including tag and indicators?
  • From Raegan Wiechert : Any plans to make the indicator boxes smaller and the displayValue box bigger
  • From annalisa : At the moment no. You can past the field. But we’re working on the possibility to duplicate the tag
  • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) : Reagan makes a good point that the tag and indicator boxes take up too much space.
  • From Ann-Marie Breaux : With quickMARC, there's a way to make the text box wrappable, so that it expands when the data is long (like title or TOC). We could perhaps make that same change on the variable fields here in MARCcat.
  • From Ann-Marie Breaux : And I agree about shortening the Indicator fields
  • From Ann-Marie Breaux : All of this is first version of design, and needs a lot of review and feedback from the community
  • From Ann-Marie Breaux : Another change in QM: adding a space after the subfield letter/number to make it more readable, e.g. $a The story of life, versus $aThe story of life
  • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) : Subfields could be in a different color to make them stand out as not part of the data.
  • From Laura Wright (she/her) : I like the option to set a different color for subfields
  • From C harlotte Whitt : I like that idea Lloyd
  • From Ann-Marie Breaux : True - also a good point. Whatever we end up doing, it should be the same for QM, View source and MARCcat
  • From Jesse Lambertson : good idea, marcedit removes spaces too, but I think it is nice to have them
  • From Jesse Kovari: given that the entity management working group is trying to envision authorities and entities across FOLIO, is it good timing to consider re-prioritizing whether MARCcat efforts should be put into developing out authorities issues?
  • Yes, see: UXPROD-2516 to UXPROD-2526

Ann-Marie - goal to have MarcCat in Honeysuckle

  • At Cult - MarcCat Bibliographic 
  • Company SCANBIT will be taking on some of the MarcCat work
  • Cristina from SCANBIT gave an overview of the company and their experience in the MARC realm. SCANBIT will be focused on Holdings and Authority records. Cristina will be a product owner. 

Future MM meetings (ongoing)

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